Monday 9th May, 2016

It looks like my update day will be shifting to Mondays. It’s not intentional, at least not the last couple of weeks, but as I now fence on Sunday afternoons (when I make it to fencing) it’s likely that I won’t get around to writing a diary entry until Monday evenings. So, why not make it official and just make Monday the update day, eh?

For those keeping track, Greenwood has inched its way over 20,000 words this weekend. So, all of 2,000 words achieved this week! On the plus side, I now know for sure that “Greenwood” is just a working title and I have some more story ideas stacked up in the notebook – you know, for when I magically have time to write up all of these ideas I have into 80,000+ word novels…

In slightly more obvious news, the British Fantasy Society (BFS) have announced the juries for this year’s awards [External Link] and I’m on the list. Twice. This year, I’ve volunteered for the novellas (again) and for the comic / graphic novel category. I fully admit to not being as well read as I ought to be and sitting on the juries a) gives me the chance to pick up some recommendations and b) forces me to actually make some time to do it.

Monday 2nd May, 2016

I’ve been good, after a manner of speaking. I have Greenwood over 18,000 words, which isn’t bad going considering how little time I’ve been spending writing. I’ve been a bit distracted lately reading books. I’ve just finished one on the War of The Roses and I’m part way through the Lays of Marie de France. These may have some bearing on the WIP, so consider it research.

Something I forgot to report last time is that I’ve reduced The Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link] posts to once a week. Well, the spotlight is now once a week. The preload on the 15th of the month will be four to five posts. I’m using Thursdays to tie in with #FolkloreThursday on Twitter [External Link] but I won’t actually be using the tag as my stuff is intentionally made up, just based on folklore. The main reason for the reduction is that I’ve got to the end of my original notes (some time ago) and beyond the initial subject areas that these tied into easily. Now I’m having to expand a bit more slowly as I think about how the world behind Hunting Unicorns might function. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve made statements that don’t really stand with the story. Oh, well!

And that is pretty much it. See you again soon.

Sunday 17th April, 2016

Right. New house rule: I will remember to post every weekend. Well, maybe not every weekend but as I don’t have as much running around to do, I should be able to summon the energy to tell you I haven’t actually achieved anything more often. Real life, eh?

This weekend I’ve had a more relaxing time with a day off on Friday to join my current HEMA club (Academie Gloriana [External Link]) in a trip to the Royal Armouries at Leeds [External Link]. We got to handle some rather lovely swords and look at some gorgeous manuscripts. And I got to catch up with my sister on Saturday and a friend (and oppressed alpha reader) today.

In possibly related news, my current WIP (to be referred to as “Greenwood” from here on in) appears to be working as intended. Yay! Now to get back to writing it…

Next weekend, Academie Gloriana will be doing some display work at Clitheroe Castle for St George’s weekend [External Link]. (Multicultural saints apparently get more time, especially when their day falls on a weekend!) I will be visiting as a member of the public but please say “Hi!” to Mark Hillyard and the gang if you’re in the area.

Sunday 3rd April, 2016

Continuing the theme of being an unreliable narrator (but not in TV Tropes / standard sense: [External Link]), I’ve managed to lose a few weeks to emptying out the old house. In theory, I shouldn’t lose any more weekends to this real life task as the house is basically empty now.

So, the weekend before last was Easter weekend and also my birthday weekend. I got sent home from work with the Birthday Bear for the weekend and Mousie got a postcard out of it.

Sometime last week, I was also contacted by people behind the scenes at Satellite 5 [External Link]. I’ve had a membership since some time last year (but only just put up an event link here) and put my name forward to be involved in content. So, it looks like I’ve managed to talk my way into doing another HEMA-for-writers presentation!

Just to round out the post and because I haven’t pointed you in that general direction for a while, don’t forget that I have some free short stories available on site. And Fox Spirit Books, my esteemed publisher, also has too: [External Link]

Sunday 13th March, 2016

Yet again, I missed a week. Last weekend I was recovering from the official Forbidden Planet African Monster’s launch party. I did manage to put up a few postcards for Miss Mousie, though. You can see them here:

I think the evening was successful and the socialising during and after the event was definitely good fun. I stayed in London long enough to go to the Leon Paul shop [External Link] for some new fencing shoes and to attend the Waterloo Sparring Group [External Link].

And this week has disappeared into Real Life.