Upcoming HEMA / WMA events:

Iron Gate Exhibition 2014

Esfinges [External Link] is one of the sponsors of the Iron Gate Exhibition (IGX) 2014 [External Link];
26th – 28th September, 2014;
Danvers Indoor Sports, Danvers, Massachusetts, USA

There’s a Facebook page here: [External Link]
There’s also a Facebook event page here: [External Link]

Esfinges Twitter Talks

Esfinges [External Link] presents their Twitter Talks:

Every Monday, 7-8PM (UK time)

Every Thursday, 7-8PM (UK time)

There’s a set of guidelines here: [External Link]

Everything else:

Free Fiction

Short stories by Journeymouse / Jo Thomas, available on this site

The Ink Plan

Updates on the Journeymouse / Jo Thomas 1,000 sales challenge!

The Mouse's Journey

Postcards from the (stuffed) Mouse.

Site Diary

The weekly update of what's happening (or not) with links to the most recent posts.
Hello and welcome to the front page! I'm Journeymouse (Jo Thomas in real life) and I dabble in writing speculative fiction and historical fencing. And a few other interests that may come up on occasion. I hope you enjoy your visit and please call again soon.
( I probably ought to mention that I don't attend all the HEMA / WMA events I mention and I don't know about all that happen. Let me know of any you think I should include!)