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Rob inherited his family’s the failing dairy farm sometime in our university drunken haze years. He was one of those that fell by the wayside in our quest for meaningful adulthood in the city – any city. Lilla grew up to be a journalist. She’d fallen into working at some barely existent magazine while trying to get her dream job in publishing. She didn’t get the dream … Continue reading

Wednesday 30th November, 2016

Despite almost complete silence on here for a month, I ain’t’nt dead, yet. I’ve just been forgetful about updates and easily distracted. Which is not to say that the current fairy-related WIP is going especially well (it’s very slow going) as I’ve mainly been procrastinating with the help of a number of games.

However, we have (drum-roll please) a book cover for Elkie 3, Fool if You Think It’s Over, and I need to work out some related blog-posts. And possibly some kind of blog tour (anyone want to host?) or something. So please let me know if there’s anything you want adding to the list of Elkie Bernstein or Fur-Skins materials on site!

Elkie Bernstein: The Collected Covers

So here you go, the reveal of the Fool If You Think It’s Over cover alongside the covers for 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and A Pack Of Lies, marking the official completion of the complete Elkie Bernstein trilogy.

Fool If You Think It’s Over will be out soon from Fox Spirit Books [External Link] although dates have yet to be finalised. Until then, here’s a quick run down of the trilogy, … Continue reading

Monday 24th October, 2016

Things are very quiet at the moment. I’m doing my best to herd fairies (16,000 words and counting) and ignore the trap of evil games – made somewhat easier by the fact that the newly released Civ VI doesn’t apparently play on Linux. For productivity’s sake, let’s hope it stays that way. Although Civ V is still doing a good job of seducing me into “procrastination” for an old(er) game.

More news on Elkie 3 / Fool If You Think It’s Over as and when I have something worth admitting to. But, rest assured, things are going on behind the scenes! And don’t forget we already have cover blurb if you want to know what it’s about. Actually, while I think about it, maybe I should mention that I’ll be doing some blog posting and interviewing to publicise Book 3 when it’s nearer the (currently unknown) due date, so now would be a great tie to tell me if there was anything you ever wanted to know about Elkie and her world!

Monday 10th October, 2016

I almost didn’t get to this week’s post because I’m busy going through what I’ve written so far for my fairies idea. I’ve had to have a re-jig of point-of-view and I’m almost finished recasting the 10,000 words (ish) I’d already written.

Anyway, this week is an Elkie / Fool If You Think It’s Over week as it’s been officially accepted and I’ve been allowed to release (a version of) the cover blurb. In celebration, here’s a gentle hint as to how the book got its name:

And, yes, that is who Elkie’s named after, as I admitted here.

Fool If You Think It’s Over: Cover blurb

The recently accepted Fool has cover blurb:

As far as Elkie’s concerned, it’s all over and her happy ending is just around the corner. She’s on her way back to Wales having freed Ben from the clutches of the controlling Dr Olsen and ensured that Dave, her ex-everything, will never be in a position to kill again. She’s even managed to find herself a (somewhat unwilling) father figure in Conn, the one werewolf in … Continue reading

Monday 26th September, 2016

I’ve been home since around lunch time today and I’m just about starting to admit that FantasyCon by T’Sea is over. It was great to see people again (although I didn’t spend as much time catching up with people and attending panels as I should have done). There are, of course, people who blog more clearly than I ever could about these thing. Spotted so far:

And you can find the list of BFA winners here: [External Link]

Oh, and Finn has made it to 10, which is awesome for a staffie cross bullmastiff (not especially long-lived breeds) with cancer! I intend to update his page for next week but some photos of Rosie and Dora have already been put up.

Monday 19th September, 2016

In a continuation of my last update post: Dear reader, I passed [my ITIL foundation course].

If you follow me on Twitter (tweet here: [External Link]), you may also have realised I didn’t post last week because I was concentrating on writing. I’m only about 5,000 words in but it involves fairies. I’m not entirely sure how long the work will be but I do know it seems to flow better when I’m listening to 70s disco. I’m not sure what this says about my interpretation of fairies.

So, other than that, the only thing to mention is the BFS FantasyCon by t’Sea. It starts Thursday evening but I won’t be arriving until Saturday afternoon – Friday is actually Finn’s birthday and I’ve decided I deserve a day off to celebrate. Things I am committed to:

  • Paint it Black on Saturday at 8:00 pm, Palm Court Ballroom – The Grand Hotel
    Why is Horror so often incorporated into other genres? Chaired by Phil Sloman
    … And I’ll be on the panel.
  • The British Fantasy Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:30 pm, Royal Ballroom – The Royal Hotel
    Book-baby African Monsters (I’m co-editor along with Margrét Helgadóttir) is up for the Best Anthology award.
  • The Banquet
    Food was mentioned and I am not-so-secretly a hobbit, so there’s no way I could resist.