Edge Lit #4

The Derby QUAD [External Link] is hosting Edge Lit #4;
11th July, 2015;
Derby, England

There’s a Facebook event page here: [External Link]
Tickets are available here: [External Link]

Fran Terminiello and I are hoping to continue our Edge Lit success of last year and should be presenting a little something about historical fencing for writers if all goes to plan don’t fit on this year’s programme but I’ll definitely be hanging around.

Sunday 5th July, 2015

This week is a week of reminders:

A Pack of Lies has been released into the wild. That link will take you through to my usual link soup but there’s a Goodreads page if you click on the small cover image to the right of the screen that will (eventually) take you to your local version of Amazon in order to buy it. If you so wish.

If you want a feel for what A Pack of Lies and its predecessor, 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf, are like I have the opening prologue and first chapter of 25 Ways on this site.

I’m also at Edge Lit, where there will be a Fox Spirit / Boo Books launch during the lunch time slot. If things go according to plan, I shall be reading from A Pack of Lies and copies of both books should be available (from the publisher) at the event – so please do come along and listen.

Having past another first Wednesday of the month, I have a new post up at The Finishing School. This month, I’m talking about the assumption that anyone who carries on a martial art, particularly HEMA, long enough will become a teacher or instructor of said art – and whether this is an unavoidable fate. You can find the post here: [External Link]

Finally, this week’s updates at the Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link] were about second sight and The Great Explorer, both mentioned in the original Hunting Unicorns story.

Sunday 28th June, 2015

Following last week’s cover reveal for A Pack of Lies ([External Link]), the book in question has just been released by Amazon. You can find my usual link soup here for the paperback version on Amazon.co.uk as well as a link for the Goodreads and BookLikes pages. When it becomes available as an ebook, I’ll update links accordingly.

As said before (and I will keep saying it despite, as Jacey Bedford [External Link] puts it, committing trilogy) it’s written to be accessible on its own. However, it does follow on in time and in characters from 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf. So if you want the full experience, you can find the opening prologue and first chapter on this site.

I should be doing a reading from A Pack Of Lies during the Fox Spirit / Boo Books launch at Edge Lit during the lunch time slot, so come along and listen if you think you might want to give it a try.

This week’s updates at the Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link] were unicorns and spirit forms – concepts important to the Hunting Unicorns story…

Published: A Pack Of Lies

Fox Spirit Books [External Link] published A Pack Of Lies (in paperback) on Friday 26th June, 2015. You can buy copies from Amazon.co.uk here: [External Link] (Or your local version, just look the title up – if you have no objections to Amazon)

Ebooks will be available from Amazon and Spacewitch, and this post will be updated accordingly when they are.

Goodreads page here: [External Link]

Booklikes page here: [External Link]

Novel, horror / dark fantasy (in the Fur-Skins world)

Sunday 21st June, 2015

Happy Birthday to my big sis, Sam, and Happy Father’s Day to anyone that does a father’s job.

Not a lot going on this week. However, there’s been a cover reveal for A Pack of Lies, which will hopefully be out in time for Edge Lit (three weeks to go), on the Fox Spirit blog. The blog page is here: [External Link] but I’ve also got a copy, so:

Covers of 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and A Pack Of Lies

The Elkie Bernstein series so far!

The bumpf on the back reads:

Ben is being held at the Institute in Norway and Elkie is angry, afraid and not entirely sure whether she is a prisoner or a guest. Her life is under threat both at the Institute and back home. Are werewolves capable of rehabilitation or redemption? What does the threatening Dr Olsen really want from Elkie and those she feels responsible for?

Can she trust anyone any more?

Killing werewolves may actually have been simpler that what she must now do.

Although it’s written to be accessible on its own, if you feel that sounded to complicated, you can always try 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf first. And, look! I have the opening prologue and first chapter on the site.

I should, if all things go according to plan, be doing a reading from A Pack Of Lies during the Fox Spirit / Boo Books launch at Edge Lit during the lunch time slot, so come along and listen if you think you might want to give it a try.

Oh, and the hopefully-to-become-usual Tuesday and Thursday updates have continued at the Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link] – basically a slice of alternative history and geography!

Sunday 14th June, 2015

Back at the beginning of May, I included all my social media links in a site diary. However, since then I’ve made a slight change to the way I use BookLikes [External Link] in that I only post quotes (when I remember to note some down) from things I’ve been reading. I decided to stop quoting my works in progress, and deleted the ones I’d already made, when I realised it was probably tantamount to spamming with stuff that no-one wanted to see on a site about published books.

I’ve also updated my languages page to include the fact that I’ve started learning Norwegian – and am now getting to a stage where I’m prepared to exercise it on occasion. I’ve also tweaked the details for my Welsh learning as I don’t put as much effort into that as I should, at the moment.

The change you’re more likely to notice about the place, however, is the announcement of another acceptance. Technically, Let’s Stay Together has been accepted for some time but the editor, Michael S Collins [External Link], has onyl recently been in a position to announce the anthology. So, here’s to The Christmas Book of Ghosts [External Link], to be published in aid of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland [External Link]. They’re looking for submissions, so please take a look!

And news on my wordpress space! The Otherworld Gazetteer – based on (some more) behind the scenes notes for Hunting Unicorns – has come into being. So far, I have the about page [External Link] and the first entry [External Link]. The idea is to get a bit of a link-soup wiki-type thing going on, so fingers crossed that you all enjoy it. Of course, it goes without saying that I wouldn’t have decided to go with this particular project without having been talking to Djibril al-Ayad about The Future Fire [External Link], who picked up the original story in the first place. So, thank you, Djibril, for making me revisit notes and start making sense of them!

Monday 8th June, 2015

Apologies for the late posting. I was basically otherwise engaged for most of yesterday. Which only goes to show that I really do write these things last minute instead of guessing I’ll have nothing to say a week in advance and scheduling posts. I have two things to mention this week.

First up, The Finishing School! Last month I gave you the post about how it’s okay to like doing Martial Arts but not sacrifice your life to them. This month, I give you the post explaining what Historical European Martial Arts are (sort of) and what I get out of them. You can find the post here: [External Link]

The second thing is this. You may have noticed that The Finishing School is a WordPress site. This is, but it’s not hosted by WordPress so, in order to post, I need a WordPress account. Strictly speaking, I made the account several years ago because it gave me the opportunity to play around with the WordPress structure for free before committing to it with my current host – when my site was run on a different content management system.

Anyhow, I have spare data storage and, in the equivalent of that urge that makes me want to write something important on all the blank paper in a stationary shop, I want to do something with it. After about a week of moping at people in real life and online, I believe I’ve had an idea. (Yes, it hurt.) So. Keep an eye on this: [External Link]. It may change some time this week.

Sunday 31st May, 2015

I have to be honest. This week is well and truly a “nothing to see here” week. I got the stuff I was working on finished off, but you’re not going to see the results for a while. Except for in the case of The Finishing School [External Link], where my next post is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd. If you fancy reading last month’s beforehand, you can find it here: [External Link]

Oh, and the cover for A Pack Of Lies is currently being worked on. I have seen (awesome) preliminary versions and it should be sorted for a big reveal soon. It’s designed by Sarah Anne Langton [External Link], who also designed the cover for 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and for the Fox Pocket books from Fox Spirit [External Link]. Fingers crossed for an official cover reveal soon. All I can say is it’s going to look fantastic on my desktop background alongside Elkie’s first outing.

Sunday 24th May, 2015

Sorry, everyone. I basically didn’t have anything to say last week, so I didn’t say anything at all. Not that I’m doing much better this week! That said, things are going on behind the scenes. The things I [think I] can mention are:

  • I’m now six chapters in to my latest long work in progress, A Fistful of Feathers. As the working title suggests, this involves some rivalries like Yojimbo / A Fistful of Dollars / name a remake. However, it’s not actually all that similar. For a start, it involves griffins – and a crazy griffin lady. It’s more that the name sounded good than I decided to run off with the plot.
  • I’m also playing around with a piece of flash fiction intended for The Future Fire [External Link] as part of their tenth birthday. The Future Fire have been kind enough to rehome three of my stories in the past and, if you’re interested, you can find them here (along with lots of other free fiction): [External Link]
  • I’ve drafted my next blog post for The Finishing School [External Link] and need to polish things up to get it sorted for publishing. I’m aiming for the first week in June.
  • This is the moment where I confess that I also produce some copy for the UK Magnetics Society’s MagNews [External Link], specifically a few stories under “Industry News”. I only started in March and it’s a quarterly publication with the next round due in June. Which means I shall be spending my Bank Holiday tomorrow checking out some magnet related news and producing some copy. Along with dog walking of course. I’m not allowed to forget the dog walking.

Sunday 10th May, 2015

Not a lot to mention this week. I attended the third York Social this weekend – but won’t be making it to the next Sheffield one at the end of June. I saw Big Game today, and that was actually, dare I say it, more fun than Age of Ultron. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Avengers stuff but Big Game was a nice 90 minutes (ish) of PG-13 action-adventure and the tone was exactly right for my entertainment needs this evening.

Of course, I need to mention my first post for The Finishing School (direct link to post here: [External Link]) went up on Wednesday. It’s about time that someone pointed out that martial arts don’t have to be the centre of your world to be enjoyable, and that it’s okay to have other interests, don’t you think? So, I did. I’m due to do another post for them soon, too, and hope to get it sorted for the first week in June, so expect me to bang on about The Finishing School in about three weeks!