The Importance of Words

This is a bit of an odd post and will start with a dose of life with Asperger’s – or, at least, how things are for me – and end up with a moment of (in)equality but I’m filing it under “language” because that is, basically, what it’s about.

Are You A Man Or A Mouse?

I have recently got involved with a women’s HEMA social group called Esfinges [External Link]. This is … Continue reading

Familiar Forms

So, here’s another post that springs from notes made while on my SaySomethinginWelsh [External Link] Bootcamp. Again, I’m going to be lacing in some Welsh examples – and some French as well. It will make sense when we get that far.

This is not just about the building blocks in the sense of having a vocabulary but to show some of the ways we can put these blocks together … Continue reading

The Building Blocks

Language – or, more precisely, words and vocabulary – is a difficult subject for me to talk about without getting into what they call “Linguistic Relativity” (Wikipedia: Linguistic Relativity [External Link]) and its environs. Even if you’re not familiar with language theory (and I’m not, I found out the term by accident when talking to someone cleverer than me) you’ll be familiar with debate about how language usage may or may not shape … Continue reading