Swords & Sourcery (done)

The Academie Glorianna [External Link] is hosting the first Swords & Sourcery;
23rd Septmber, 2017;
Scorton, Lancashire, England

A women’s event combining historical european martial arts (HEMA) practice and a brief look at the sources, intended to help women get into HEMA and to gain an understanding of the potential for research.

There’s a Facebook event page here: [External Link]
Please be aware the event has been set to private, so if you’re interested, it’s best to contact me on Facebook / Messenger for an invite: [External Link]

A Danelli Cup-Hilt Rapier

As promised, here’s my latest addition to the armoury. This is a cup-hilt rapier by Marco Danelli of Danelli Armouries [External Link]. It’s a fairly standard design for him and you can see an older sibling here: [External Link]. However, I have a few difference slight differences from that version, not least that it comes with an off-hand dagger…

As I’ve mentioned before, rapiers are … Continue reading

London Smallsword Workshop, January 2015 (done)

“The Black Boar Swordsmanship School [External Link] with the support of London Sword And Dagger Club [External Link] are delighted to announce a one day workshop on Smallsword”;
17th January, 2015;
London, England

There’s a Facebook event page with full details here: [External Link]