The Order of Play

With the new site layout and the recent publishing of “Dog Handler”, I figure this is the sort of thing best done as an occasional repost. The current order of play for the Alex Jones short stories is as follows:

  • Half-Breed (Short)
  • Heart’s Desire (Short)
  • Dog Handler (Short)
  • Possible future stories are:

    • Values Dissonance
    • Alpha Male
    • Another Me

    I’m quite taken with the idea of doing an “If Werewolves, Then …” in … Continue reading

    The rules of the werewolf game

    For reference, the rules of the werewolf game are currently:

    1. It’s magic

    The first werewolf of any lineage will be someone who messed with magic, wanting the strength and speed of one of the world’s greatest predators for himself. He probably has something to prove / rivals to get rid of.

    2. It’s an infection

    It can’t be inherited. It only spreads by bite. And your odds of surviving a bite are actually pretty … Continue reading