Change of Plan: Archangels to Jehanists

There has been a serious change of plan to my “I’ll get around to it” pile. You may have noticed in a site diary post (Monday 6th August, 2012) that I’ve started going through my pile of “To be rewritten” work – and when I say piles, I don’t mean literal piles because these are all on the computer. The words list or collection just doesn’t sound quite as good … Continue reading

Michael’s Story Arc

The only arc in this world I’ve plotted out (mentally or on paper) is that of Michael, the first Archangel. The current structure I’m using is:

  • Light Bearer (in serious need of a rewrite)
  • A Council of Angels (unpublished short, possibly to be rewritten)
  • Maid of God (possible Novel?)
  • The Gospel (Short)
  • The first short story on the list is a very badly written piece gathering dust tells that tells of how Michael became the … Continue reading