ChapterCon 2017

ChapterCon [External Link] is being launched this year;
24th – 26th August, 2017;
Teddington, England

The event is a full weekend for people in the writing business and is open to readers (i.e. for books, signings, readings and general goodies) on the Saturday 26th. Reader tickets to cover this are now available from the site. I shall be attending as an author.

HumberSFF#3 Women in Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Humber Science Fiction & Fantasy group [External Link] will be having their third social [External Link], a night of readings and chat in the Hull Central Library;
15th April, 2017;
Hull, England

I’m one of three women who will be reading from their work. I will be reading from 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and, if there’s a second reading, one of the short stories published here.

SFSF Social #5

The Sheffield Fantasy & Science Fiction Social Club [External Link] will be having their fifth social [External Link], a night of readings and chat in Sheffield;
20th February, 2016;
Sheffield, England

My publisher, Adele Wearing, will be one of the speakers / readers and I understand that a few of my bits and bobs may get mentioned (specifically African Monsters, I think).