The rules of the werewolf game

For reference, the rules of the werewolf game are currently:

1. It’s magic

The first werewolf of any lineage will be someone who messed with magic, wanting the strength and speed of one of the world’s greatest predators for himself. He probably has something to prove / rivals to get rid of.

2. It’s an infection

It can’t be inherited. It only spreads by bite. And your odds of surviving a bite are actually pretty slim, what with suffering two weeks of intense pain and fevers. Having the right care ups the chances of survival a lot.

3. It’s a man thing

It’s a boys only thing. Women can’t do this magic (which makes Alex unusual).

4. No funky full SFX changes

These are (very) old school werewolves who follow the (very) old traditions. They have to put on a wolf skin, which is one of the oldest methods of taking on wolf form in the written mythologies / folklore. The wolf skin in question is one they shed / shuck while suffering their two weeks of illness. After that, they have to carry it around at all times if they want to change. (This also makes Alex unusual.)

5. Werewolves obsess

Men who survive the initial change are (generally) strong-willed and focussed. Whatever their interests were as a normal human usually gets whittled down to a single, unhealthy obsession. It can be anything from proving themselves top dog, ridding the world of “bad guys” (possibly even more dangerous) or proving that werewolves are a viable part of society.

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