The Girl From Yesterday: Story Background

The Girl From Yesterday was one of the first (if not the first short story I worked on). It’s definitely the first that was accepted for publishing elsewhere – back in 2007. It’s also still available to read so, if nothing else, it’s interesting to see how my writing has changed in seven years.

Publishing Details

The Girl From Yesterday was published in the first issue of the Ranfurly Review [External Link]

Edited 14/12/2017: The original issue is no longer avaiable – but this story is now available in The Other Side Books’ The Second Christmas Book of Ghost Stories [External Link]


The Girl From Yesterday is one of several stories that used a title or phrase from a song as its own title. It’s very rare that such stories (from me) go on to have anything to do with the actual song. Basically, something about the phrase catches my attention and gets caught up with other ideas to come out as a story at a later date. I have a mental list (I don’t write them down) of phrasings I liked that may or may not make it into use.

The thing that struck about the phrase / title “The Girl From Yesterday” was that it was a fairly accurate description of personal change. Basically, due to having gone through the events of one day or night, you (in the informal, general sense) are not the same person you were the day before. You can be very like – everyone will recognise the resemblance to the person you were before – but you are not exactly the same person.

So I borrowed the phrase to cover an odd, coming-of-age little bit that wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. At the time I wrote it, I hadn’t had any practice at working out whether a story was supposed to be long or short, and I thought there was the potential for something longer. However, the something longer never wanted to come out once I finished the piece that became this story.

Much like looking back at childhood experiences, it’s a little odd to go back and read one of my first stories and its notes. Or, to bring it back in to the theme, I’m not the person I used to be when I wrote it and the difference is starting to be more obvious to me.

Spoiler Notice

Just in case anyone wants to actually talk about The Girl From Yesterday, it’s best not to read any comments below unless you’re prepared to read any spoilers.

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