Giveaway: Amok (Anthology)

You may be aware that I’ve recently had a short story, Gone Fishing, published in an anthology, Amok. This anthology is part of the Ink Plan and I did a post about some of the background to the story not so long ago.

Well, I am in possession of a few copies and I’d like to share them out. To this end, both Ole [External Link] and I are giving away a copy each. Because of financial constraints, this is only open to people who have a postal address in the UK, the EU and / or the EEA – edited to add: or Switzerland, you crazy, non-involved people – otherwise the cost of posting gets a bit out of hand.

Publishing Details

Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction is published by Solarwyrm Press [External Link] and officially came out on 30th April, 2014.

If you don’t win this giveaway and / or the companion giveaway on Ole’s website (direct link to competition here: [External Link]), or live outside the UK / EU / EEA, the best way to get hold of a copy is to look through the shop links on Goodreads: [External Link]

How This Will Work

I want to know more about Asia-Pacific cultures, so tell me an interesting fact about one (or more) of them, with links to more information, in the comments below. Only one comment / fact per person, please. Post this comment / fact below by 23:59 (BST) on Saturday 14th June, 2014. Or before midnight on Sunday 15th June, 2014, depending on how you prefer to express it!

Conversation is allowed, of course, and it’s okay to discuss, prove or dispute – as long as you bring evidence for your argument. If a fact turns out to be totally fallacious then it’ll be discounted. But please remain courteous to everyone, otherwise I’ll be discounting your entry for being mean.

I will edit comments to put count numbers on posts so that everyone can see clearly which number they have been assigned. If a comment’s elligibility changes, I’ll put in a (replying) comment to explain why that happened – and I shall try to post links and / or evidence if it’s about the fact in question.

On Sunday 15th June, I will put the total number of elligible comments into an online random number generator (this one: [External Link]). The post that corresponds to that number will be the winner. I will announce the winner on the Site Diary and get in touch with the winner through the details you provide to leave a comment.

To repeat the boring stuff again, remember:

  • Entry to the giveaway runs from May 15th until June 14th with the winner to be announced June 15th.
  • Only people with a postal address in the UK, the EU and / or the EEA may enter. If it turns out you don’t have one of these if / when I contact you, I’ll redo the draw.
  • One elligible comment per person – it’s okay to get into debate with the other posters but only one post will be counted. Comment numbering will reflect this.
  • Discourteous behaviour will get the elligibility of your comment withdrawn. Comment numbering will reflect this.
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4 Responses to Giveaway: Amok (Anthology)

  1. Ruth Booth says:

    The South Pacific island nation of Niue was the world’s first Wi-Fi nation, with free wi-fi available to all citizens since 2003. Niue translates from the native language (Niuean) as “behold the coconut”.

    Edited by JM to add [1]

    • Journeymouse says:

      Now that’s interesting. Think I’ll tweet that (with credit) when I get in front of my Twitter account!

  2. Marc says:

    The Philippines archipelago is made up of 7,107 islands! Only about 2,000 are inhabited though.

    They found the fossilised remains of what might be a homo-sapien dating back 67,000 years there.

    Most importantly my best friend is from the Philippines but the bugger told me there was nothing interesting about it other than the islands… Useless I tell you.

    Loads more great stuff over on wikipedia.

    Edited by JM to add [2] and:
    Yes, I know you said you bought an ebook, but this is a hardcopy. You’ll have it and like it, dammit! If you win.

  3. Journeymouse says: declared the winner to be Marc. Thanks to both of you for entering and I’ll be in touch with Marc shortly!

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