Sunday 28th February, 2016

Yeah, I skipped a week. There are going to be a few weekends like that with still having a house about 70 miles away from where I currently live that I’m hoping to sell. Anyway, on to things you may care about.

The Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link] is back up and running. I’m thinking of opening it up to other people and / or shifting it to a more obviously wiki format and host (which would then leave me with some wordpress space to work out what I want to do with, but that’s a problem for another day). If any of that world-sharing appeals, please get in touch and let me know.

I was spotted at the 5th Sheffield Social and there are photos of me on Facebook to prove it. For a change, someone else managed to get the drop on the Mousie postcard and you can see a picture of Mousie out and about on Adele Wearing’s twitter feed here: [External Link]

I have a couple of Mousie photos with some books stacked up but I’m waiting until after the official launch party for African Monsters on March 3rd at Forbidden Planet, London to put them out. And, yes, I shall be taking Mousie if she remembers to get into my backpack.

And my last thing to mention: Adele and I did a book count and I’ve made my Ink Plan-related donation to National Autism Society (NAS) [External Link]

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