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You, too can own one of these feisty critters!

To celebrate the completion of the trilogy in combination with the fact that I’ve only just realised the American Amazon site allows people to do giveaways, I’m running a giveaway of 5 paperback copies – on (direct link here: [External Link]). You can skip right over there and see the conditions on-site but I’ll include the conditions below, too.

First, please be aware that this is only open to people in the States because that’s how Amazon do these things.

Secondly, no purchase is necessary but you will be asked to tweet about the giveaway.

More importantly, this is a “sweepstake” so the winner will be picked at random when the giveaway closes, which will be at the end of Friday 4th Match (i.e. midnight, PST).

For those who aren’t in the US, or even those who are but fancy buying a copy, searching “25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf” on your local version of Amazon should find me pretty damned quick. Alternatively, the Goodreads page [External Link] should be able to shortcut that.

There are also some links to more background material on the series and the opening chapter of 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf here.

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