ChapterCon 2017

ChapterCon [External Link] is being launched this year;
24th – 26th August, 2017;
Teddington, England

The event is a few days for people in the writing business and is open to readers (i.e. for books, signings, readings and general goodies) on the Saturday 26th. Reader tickets to cover this are now available from the site. I shall be attending as an author.

Authors with pre-order available

Given how the carrying of books is surprisingly heavy (how many trees can you carry?) a lot of attending authors are setting up pre-order pages to help judge numbers. My own is open for orders until 31/05/2017. You can find it here: [External Link]

And here are as many of the others as I have links for along with author websites where known:

Author Website Pre-Order Form Open Until
Catherine Stine
[External Link]
[External Link]
Christina Benjamin
[External Link]
[External Link]
Colleen Nye
[External Link]
[External Link] 15/07/2017
Mia Hoddell
[External Link]
[External Link]
Victoria Kinnaird @victoriakinnairdofficial on Facebook
[External Link]
[External Link] End of June / Beginning of July

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