Wednesday 4th October, 2017

I’m pretty sure we’ve got to the part of the year when I legitimately get to say things like “Where has all the time gone?” and “Doesn’t it go by so fast?” Obviously, it doesn’t go by so fast when I’m doing something boring but one day you look at the date and realise you’re in the tenth month of the year and OH MY DOGS! WHY HAVEN’T I GOT ANYTHING DONE! Or something.

Anyway, I have written and posted a flash fiction piece, Me, you and the dog, too that I won’t spoil for you by talking about it but I will warn you that it seems to have made one or two people cry. As I said to one of them on Facebook, I apparently didn’t get enough love and hugs before going to bed the night I thought of it. If it hits you in the same way, I apologise in advance, but you know I’m also going to be feeling insufferably smug because it means I can actually write.

On a similar note, I am now 3,500 brand spanking new words into the Feintheart WIP – that is 3,500 words that hadn’t been written for the City of Dreams novella I’m ripping apart to make it. So some of the original chapters will go in with varying degrees of editing, new material is going in to adjust the plot(s) to fit the Feintheart framework and some of the old material will be totally discarded as it gets left behind by the new plot(s). Related things that may or may not interest you:

  1. “Feintheart” is a play on “faintheart” (meaning coward) and “feint” (meaning a pretence, used in fencing for a false attack that encourages a particular response), so while a faintheart is a coward, the feintheart I have in mind is basically the kind of person who plays a strategic game of their own through all their interactions. This feintheart is not a point-of-view character and may not appear to be a main character by the end of the book, so it probably won’t remain named after them. Incidentally, “faint” and “feint” come from the same etymology but took on slightly different meanings.
  2. I have spent the last few days trawling the Internet for information about Commedia dell’Arte, specifically the masks and characters. Not that I’ll be using them but the WIP has an equivalent masked comedic performance thing going on and I thought loosely basing it on what we came up with would be easier. Which it was, aside from the getting so obsessed with working out the WIP version that I didn’t go to bed until silly o’clock last night.

I’ll end with the reminder that I’ve moved (most of) my writing related Facebook stuff to its own page (here: [External Link]). I will still be tweeting most things and these will turn up on my personal FB profile as that’s what Twitter is linked to – and my Twitter account is all my interests – but the page should make it easier for people who aren’t FB friends to follow the writing related announcements. I also make sure to repost any book related giveaways by writing friends and things I think may become part of my general reading/writing research. I intend to do some Commedia dell’Arte stuff tomorrow.

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