Sunday 26th July, 2009

Well, back in the usual spot this weekend, with some news, a minor update and an apology.

Three Musketerrs Badge

Three Musketeers Badge

The news first. If only so the badge photo fits properly 🙂 Last night, my dad and I went to see Illyria [External Link] perform “The Three Musketeers” at Nostell Priory [External Link], as a slightly late birthday present for him. We can both recommend going to see it if the tour takes it anywhere near you!

The minor update is a new addition to the New Dryas world while I work on a new idea. The stand-alone project, City of Dreams, has finally finished first draft. The end was slow work but we got there. It’s now sitting there fermenting before I take a red-pen to it and redraft.

The apology is regarding my THOMAS section. If anyone has been in touch with me regarding getting hands on a better copy, chances is are, I’ve lost the email. I have a couple sent since Wednesday, but nothing else. Also, there will be no hard copies sent out. I don’t have ready access to a working printer, so I can’t do that any more. If you have problems with the images on site, I recommend copying them and trying to zoom in. If you find that you loose all detail before you can decipher the typewriter text, then please Contact Me and ask nicely for a set of larger images. These will be about twice the size. I’ll email the front cover and you need to then reply so I know that you got it. Then I’ll send the rest one email at a time.

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