Sunday 9th May, 2010

Continuing to plug Coyote Con [External Link], a political aside and some minor life-organising.

Coyote Con [External Link], the “First Annual 31 Day Digital Author Conference”, continues throughout the month of May. I attended yesterday (last night for the afternoon session as I’m on BST while the servers are on EST – I think) and will be attending tonight. Transcripts of the sessions are also being posted on their blog. It’s worth taking a look at to see what came up in conversation. As mentioned last week, one of the key forces behind the conference is the cast and crew of the good ship Drollerie Press [External Link], who also deserve a look in. (And I’m on their forums so please say “Hi!”)

For those of you who are a) not British, b) not aware of British politics or c) living under a rock, you may not know or care that we just had a General Election. Suffice it to say that we have a rather archaic vote counting system here in the UK and there are a number of people – myself included – who are not happy with it (“Take Back Parliament” [External Link]). If you’re interested in what it’s like to be a(n apparently lily-livered) Liberal in the UK, Dylan Fox [External Link] made some interesting posts on working out how to use his vote during the process and some commentary since. How does this change my life? Unfortunately, not a lot.

The next point: the About Me page has been rewritten slightly. The catalyst for this is a change in job description: I’ve gone from being a Leachate Technician (which I’m not going to explain) to Closed Sites Technical Manager (ditto) covering South Yorkshire. All within the same company, Waste Recycling Group (or WRG) [External Link]. I’m also in the process of buying a house for the first time, so expect to see disruption to update schedules in the next few months – once I have a moving date and actually have to do something!

And a quick update on how my projects are going:

  1. 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf

    2 werewolves down, 23 to go.

  2. The Three Guineveres

    Part the 1st: 1 battle down, 12 to go.

  3. Not going to tell you!

    You know, I shouldn’t be teasing you about a project I’m not talking to you about…

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