Sunday 5th December, 2010

I’m in an advent calendar! Am I famous, yet?

Welcome to Advent – or the fifth day of it, as I write this. Yes, I really do write this on the same day as it’s dated, if only if I’m too lazy to do it the night before.

The writing news first. Parthenogenesis, one of my stories available on site, is being used in the TTA Press advent calendar [External Link]. You don’t need to go there to link to the story but if you haven’t read the other stories so far, I strongly recommend it. The collection of links can be found here: [External Link]. They also have an alternative advent calendar that can be printed out here: [External Link].

I’ve pretty much been house-bound since the last update. Finn and I have made it out walking near to home but I’ve been banned from sitework and my local office was snowed in for a couple of days, so I’ve been working from home the last week. And I do mean working from home. It’s been… quiet.

And genealogy isn’t quite working as intended. I can’t get the reports back in the same format (yet), so the minor tweaks to the SANSOM data and the “Alternative” TABERNER line will be up next week.

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