Sunday 27th February, 2011

What was I doing again?

It’s one of those times when work seems to be a bit manic. Basically my work has several annual reporting periods – to the Environment Agency [External Link] no less – and February is the time get the Pollution Inventory stuff together and put into their online forms. No further comment on the reporting process / the EA / work. Well, for today, anyway.

As I type this, I’m also waiting for some buns to finish baking. Not a euphemism. I’ve been working on what I now call my “bitter orange” recipe, i.e. buns for growed ups, for the last few weeks but have a niece-friendly version in the oven to take round for the family dinner. The adult version involves dark chocolate chips, orange rind and grated root ginger, none of which she likes. Still, she’s only four / almost five, so she’s got plenty of time to develop some taste!

And the bit you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure. 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf (see the Alex Jones’ page) is almost complete, at least in first draft form. I have the last werewolf to slay and am also gradually working through the notes from my alpha reader, Foxie [External Link]. Which means I shall soon need beta readers – and preferably quick readers, at that, in order to have something I can submit to the Angry Robot Books’ [External Link] open submissions (March 31st deadline). If you have time and are interested, send me a DM or a message (from whatever online platform you choose).

My 6 Nations Rugby weekend summary:

  1. Yay for the Welsh!
  2. Dammit, I wanted the French to win!
  3. Come on the Irish (in a few minutes)!
  4. /

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