Sunday 3rd April, 2011

You know, I would actually be more interesting if I did things… Minor writing updates and some genealogy updates may be turning up for next week.

In between the birthday stuff and spending several hours looking at various shades of cream and off-white (Hey, lookit! I’m a girl after all!) I’ve done the bare minimum of doodling through the last fortnight so let’s start with writing as it’s got some tangible evidence of work.

  • There’s been an update on the Archangels’ page as I’ve belatedly found out some news. The original email way back when fell through my spam filters and I decided to check up on it and… basically, The Gospel was been republished in an updated version of the anthology as the original publishers went defunct last year. So, new links on the Archangel page lead to places it can be bought from.
  • As a few of my friends know, I’ve had a crack at writing some stories for my niece and now I don’t know what to do with them. Well, after a stern talking to, I’m actually seeing about rehoming them. In the unlikely event that I’m the next big thing in picture books, you heard it here first…
  • And, on the theme of branching out from speculative fiction, I haven’t heard back from the romance stuff, so we can safely assume that I won’t be taking over the world by that method. I’ll still be sending the manuscripts out but it’s not exactly a priority in my writing workload.

So, on to queuing up some future changes in the genealogy pages.

  • I have had contact this week with a fellow SANSOM descendant by the name of Roger SANSOM and, if he’s amenable to the sharing of information, a few more people may be joining the database. I’ll update the report as soon as we get things hammered out.
  • I’ve also been contacted by another TABERNER descendant whose branch have been heavily involved in the TABERNER inheritance squabble. As a result, I should be able to put together enough information to have a reasonable explanation of what happened to the (alleged) fortune. I have some transcriptions of newspaper articles and a photocopy of the will that (I think) set it all off but I haven’t been sure about how things all went sideways and how to connect it all together. In other words, more verbage on the TABERNER page at some point soon!

I still have some emails and comments to catch up on, so apologies for being slow to those I haven’t contacted yet. I will be doing so soon. Otherwise, see you all next week!

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