Adaptable Wasters!

You may remember I recently bought some Basket Hilt Wasters from The Knight Shop site [External Link]. Well, last week I ordered the cross-guard and pommels necessary to change one of them into a single-hander or a bastard sword (a hand-and-a-half, if you’re feeling more polite than I am), and they arrived on Wednesday.

Changeable Hilts

Changeable Hilts

I’ve mentioned in that earlier post that the Knight Shop / Dave Rawlings uses a modular design so now you can see exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve put the white “blade” together with the fixings to make it a bastard sword. The type of pommel is essentially an elongated “scent-stopper”. Next to that, you can see the black “blade” with the shaped tang and the end of the bolt sticking out the top. To go from one to the other, a guard is slid over to rest against the blade, a plastic grip is pushed onto the tang and a pommel is screwed onto the end of the bolt.

To the right of all of this are my other alternatives. I’ve left off the red grip because it doesn’t, for obvious reasons, photo well on the red sheet I use as a background. However, you can see the wheel pommel I’ve bought should I ever use a waster as a single-hander and the two pommels from the basket hilt kit. One of these has been turned so that you can see the nut caught in the plastic – the bit that allows the pommel to be attached to the hilt! I’ve also included one of the baskets.

After a bit of discussion at the Wednesday session, we decided that a bastard sword waster would be an acceptable substitute in longswording – with allowance for it being somewhat shorter and a bit lighter. Sword length, weight and balance changes what techniques can be used and how, so it will make a difference but it shouldn’t become “wrong”.

So, when I have a bit more money, I’ll probably buy another cross-guard, another elongated pommel and a normal scale scent-stopper. (If you can afford it, it always pays to have two of any weapon you intend to practice with. It means you can arm a drilling or sparring partner if they don’t have one of their own.) However, it’s on the list with a great many other things I want to afford!

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