Sunday 23rd October, 2011

I have a confession. I didn’t get out of bed until the second half of the (Rugby Union) World Cup final. So my first act of the day was to turn on the tv, my second was to see the score and my third was realising I’d just shouted “Come on, you black bastards!” at my tv. I’m not sure who was more surprised, me or Finn. I’d expected to be able to cheer for France. Apparently not. However, it was a good game and France had a decent crack at it. If it’s any consolation, Finn cheered for France – France played in white, Finn can identify white shirts and knows white shirts should hold the ball. Players in any other colour, if he’s paying attention, are to be growled at. With respect to Wales’ battle for third place (which they lost), I watched the first ten minutes of kick-off, went to work late and kept the BBC blow-by-blow page open while I worked. I get the impression it wasn’t a great game. By the time I know the score, however, I’ve lost all desire to watch replays, highlights or even commentary. And that’s probably the last rugby commentary you’ll read from me until February.

(There are other things on the periphery of rugby that I’d quite like to mention, but I haven’t really refined what I want to say properly. Maybe some other time because, unfortunately, the attitudes I’d like to discuss are going nowhere.)

Finn in Rugby Shirt

So, what are the rules again?

In the unrelated-to-rugby news, I got some more parts for one of my Knight Shop [External Link] wasters – as you may have noticed. So far, so good.

I also made a few attempts at using a Wacom Bamboo Touch [External Link] that has come into my possession. I actually bought it for my dad’s Christmas present last year, as he likes to work on his photos. I thought he might find it easier than a mouse. However, he’s decided he doesn’t want it and has given it back. I’m trying to work out if I’ll actually use it for anything. It also opens up a world of opportunity for Christmas present buying. Although I admit to buying films and albums that I would like to see or hear as well, I’ve never considered just out-right buying something I want and waiting for it to come back! You can see my third attempt with it to the left. I’ve basically just traced an existing photo of Finn and coloured it in.

In terms of writing, I’m polishing off a couple of short story drafts. I had intended them both to be posted on the site but one of them has turned into a full-length piece of short fiction rather than a flash. I’m considering what to do with it while avoiding working on 25 Ways to Kill A Werewolf or The Three Guineveres. I’m still waiting for feedback on the first and further work on the latter is on hold until I’ve got that redrafting out the way. Oh, and until I’ve finished redecorating the spare bedroom. I found myself stripping wallpaper on Friday night as something of a distraction technique. With that, the sorting out of the garden for winter and wondering whether to do some serious blogging, I think I’m pretty much distracted.

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