Sunday 20th November, 2011

Snail on a journey

Sometimes it's the journey that counts

To the left is my “latest” attempt at drawing, based on yet another photo of mine. (One day I may be confident enough to try something freehand. Or not.) It was actually drawn over a week ago but it didn’t really fit with Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, so I didn’t include it last week. That said, today is a Remembrance Day, too, being the Transgender Day of Remembrance (more on Cheryl Morgan’s blog on this page: [External Link]). So it’s still one of the moments when the phrase “it’s the journey that counts” is a load of rubbish because it isn’t the journey to that counts, it’s the destination: equality. Or equal rights if you think equality means being the same as everyone else rather than having access to the same opportunities and the same levels of acceptance.

I hadn’t really thought about this remembrance day until Cheryl mentioned it on Twitter. I’m blind to too much stuff, in this case partly because I have the benefit of, more-or-less, identifying with the biological gender I was born into and not therefore not spending my life in danger just for being me. So, I have to admit I haven’t really put any thought into this week’s mention other than to, well, mention it.

During the week, I posted A Tale of Two Themes, a bit of background on both Shelter From The Storm and Going Home, in that it deals somewhat with the idea of vulnerability due to age. It also has a few more thoughts on cultural identity. I’ve also restarted the editing of 25 Ways to Kill A Werewolf, so expect to see more complaining about that in the future. I’ve been able to restart the project because a) I’ve finished the latest redecorating project and b) my friend has started drip feeding me his notes as he finishes off. So, I’m once again killing werewolves. Does it count as cruelty to keep killing the same 25 over and over until I get it right?

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