About Rosie (The Pink Princess Hellhound)

Rosie is half Shih-tzu and half Jack Russell Terrier (or miniature russell or whatever the official breed name is). She will never stack up against Finn, at least in physical size.

She’s the daughter of my sister’s dogs, Poppy and Raven, both of whom have lovely personalities. Rosie basically has her father’s laid back Shih-tzu approach to life with a fair share of her mother’s Jack Russell bounce when playing, once she’s grown through the puppy chew-anything stage. It’s safe to say she doesn’t have much in the way of brains, however.

A Photo Gallery

Rosie at 12 weeks when she came into our house. It took a few days for Finn and Rosie to get used to each other enough to actually interact and make physical contact. Which means Finn is just off picture sulking that his (rather large) bed has been stolen by a puppy.

Rosie on Finn's Bed

Rosie takes over


Rosie (attacking Finn) at just over a year old. This is as big as she’s going to get. Well, aside for her love of food.

Rosie & Finn



Rosie at aged 2, having a mini joint birthday party with me and my niece.

Rosie in her birthday hat

Rosie in her birthday hat


Rosie at 3, requesting walks.

Rosie by the front door

Can we go, now?


A 4-year-old Rosie determined to be the centre of attention at Finn‘s 10th birthday.

Rosie in her walking harness

Look at meeeee, not him!

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