About Jo (The Human Mouse)

Journeymouse - or Jo Thomas

Journeymouse - or Jo Thomas

Hello, I’m Journeymouse, also known as Jo Thomas in the real world. Welcome to my website, brought to you with the help of WordPress and their elves. I can also be found through Facebook [External Link], Google+ [External Link] and Twitter [External Link]. Don’t expect sensible comment.

I write as “Jo Thomas” rather than under my full name (Joanne Thomas, which few people call me), so the name you’re looking for when you look for my work is “Jo Thomas”. Shall I say that again, just to make sure you get the plug? I write as “Jo Thomas“. I write speculative fiction – mainly fantasy with a smattering of science fiction and the odd foray into the darker end of the spectrum. Things related to my writing life and ideas can be found under the Words category.

I fence with the Sheffield branch of the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship [External Link], a member group of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay [External Link]. The weapons I’ve covered most is smallsword and rapier. I’ve also done a small amount of military sabre and longsword. I admit to a preference for stabbing but whether I have any skill is debatable! More information in the Swords category.

I also enjoy walking – just as well with dogs who requires daily exercise – and have been known to express an interest in wildlife (I used to want to be a nature reserve warden when I grew up, now I’m back to plan A – earning a living). Sometimes I remember to take a camera with me. Some of these photos even make it to my Facebook profile and are publicly available. Please give credit, etc.

I enjoy watching rugby, both union and league, but only really watch the union internationals. If I watched all the rugby I wanted, I’d never have time for anything else. Thanks to my welsh Granpa, I cheer for the Welsh national team(s). But don’t expect me to sing the anthem – I don’t know the words!

Other interests I occasionally have time for include blacksmithing with the help of Cold Hanworth Forge [External Link], genealogy, horse-riding and gardening. Most of which I no longer have time for!

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  1. Liz Evans says:

    Hi Jo,

    We have a common ancestor in Zachariah Lowe, he is my 3rd great grandad. I was really interested to read your history of the descendants of Zachariah. I too am researching family history but I have been unable to go back any further than Zachariah. I was wondering whether you have had anymore information regarding his father and mother ? The trail goes cold at this point for me.

    My connection is : Zachariah – Samuel – Zachariah – Edward- Peter – me . My maiden name was still Lowe.

    Thank you, and nice to read all about you on this site.


    Liz Evans

  2. Journeymouse says:

    Hi Liz,

    As announced before and may be fairly obvious from the current site layout, I’ve put the genealogy to one side for the while. However, I still have the data, so I’ll send you through a copy of my LOWE data to the email you’ve supplied.

    I haven’t managed to dig any further on Zachariah LOWE (Mk I) and my last findings were:

    Sunday 26th December, 2010
    “For the site updates, let’s start with genealogy. As mentioned last week, my aunt has provided some minor corrections to the LOWE data:
    1. The original Zachariah LOWE is not from Staffordshire on the 1841 census.
    2. His place of origin on the 1861 census is probably “Paines Lane”, Shropshire (now St George’s, Telford).”

    Sunday 6th February, 2011
    “The updating also includes (as promised) the report available on the LOWE page. Although I now know where in Shropshire Zachariah LOWE (mk I) is from – what is now the Telford area – I haven’t found any further information on the family, yet. The most likely lead, oddly enough, is a christening in Worcestershire.”


  3. glen butcher says:

    sorry i coulndt get the result of my interview to you in time. I hope you can still go on to do what you really want to do


  4. jim campbell says:


    See if this is of interest.

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