This page gives the list of published, and soon to be published, stories in the Fur-Skins world without having to trawl through various posts and archives on the web-site. There is also both a site category (containing posts about this world) and a site tag (attached to any post that mentions this world) that you can call up by clicking on these:

Posts that may be of particular interest or use are The rules of the werewolf game and Living Together.

Stories have been published or accepted from two cycles or groups of stories. The arcs themselves have overlap but have different gateway characters, which means neither is necessary to understand the other. There are “Easter Eggs” for someone who manages to get hold of the short stories, though. I also do my best to make each story within a cycle independent enough that it can be read without the whole arc but, because they build on what comes before, there are long-term plots.

Alex & Conn

The over-arcing story for the cycle is the relationship between the two main characters, Alex Jones and Conn(or) MacLochlann – and the cycle is in the process of being turned into a collection from Fox Spirit Books for 2018. The internal chronological order looks like this:

  1. Half-Breed (Short)
    Published: Twisted Tongue, Issue 11, 29/08/2008
    Podcast: Cossmass Infinities, Episode 5, 01/05/2010
  2. Heart’s Desire (Short)
    Published: Drops of Crimson, Volume 2, Issue 1, 01/11/2009
  3. Second Date (Short)
  4. Dog Handler (Short)
    Published: Title Goes Here, Issue 1.9, 02/09/2011
  5. The Grace of Wolves (Short)
  6. Three Swords (Short)
  7. The First Man (Short)
  8. The Last Kiss (Short)

There is a site category (containing posts about this cycle) and a site tag (attached to any post that mentions this cycle) that you can call up by clicking on these:

Following a Twitter conversation with Aliette de Bodard [External Link], I’ve had a realisation that “Half-Breed” is a somewhat unfortunate choice of name for a story. I had originally written it under the working title “Hybrid”, which was generally rejected as being to science-y for the content but is actually no less unfortunate. Should I ever re-home this story again, it’ll be under a new title – yet to be decided and suggestions are welcome.


Elkie Bernstein is the main character who’s unfortunate enough to find out werewolves exist. Timing-wise, I put the start of “25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf” about fifteen years after the start of the “Alex & Conn” arc.

  1. 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf (Novel)
    Published: Fox Spirit Books [External Link], November 2014
  2. A Pack Of Lies (Novel)
    Published: Fox Spirit Books, June 2015
  3. Fool If You Think It’s Over (Novel)
    Published: Fox Spirit Books, January 2017

This cycle now also has its own site category (containing posts about the current novel and any further ideas) and currently has three site tags (attached to any post that mentions the specific Elkie work):

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