About Dora (The Country Hellhound)

The dog now known as Dora found me on Straight Lane, just outside the village of Skelbrooke, 2 days before Christmas 2014. She was unchipped so I fostered her at home rather than leave her in kennels with an uncertain future. She settled in well and, despite a few arguments, was playing with both Rosie and Finn within a couple of weeks.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve called her Dora after Dora the Explorer – because she does. She’s always getting into things and, like a toddler, she explores with her mouth. Don’t leave anything lying around at Dora-height in our house unless you want it chewed! She’s what they call a character. Specifically, if she were a human, she’d be one of those country ladies as acted out by French and Saunders…

A Photo Gallery

Here’s Dora five weeks after moving in, doing what she does second best: chewing. Obviously, the thing she’s best at is exploring – which includes looking for things to chew.

Dora chewing on a bone

It’s a dog’s life!

Proof that Dora has settled in.

Dora lying on the sofa

A lady of leisure

And that she has no qualms about stealing everyone else’s toys.

Dora holding sticks

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

3 Responses to About Dora (The Country Hellhound)

  1. Tori says:

    Hiya can you get in touch with me about this dog as its mine and my brother kyles and she’s been missing since last August ring my phone number 07771871517 her names mindy x

  2. Kyle short says:

    Hiya can you get in touch with me please about the female Patterdale you have please as she’s been missing from us since August last year and me and my sister tori want her back and she was like our baby, my number is here you can get in touch ASAP 07951521596

  3. Journeymouse says:

    For sake of completion: I have contacted the people who commented above 🙂

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