Wednesday 31st January, 2018

Having taken an unintentional week off last week (sorry, I discovered Tyranny [External Link] on Steam) I’m back with my latest updates.

In vague news, The Knight’s Daughter (accepted by The Other Side Books [External Link], first of my Greenwood-themed novellas) is on track to be available in March. It’ll be an ebook available from the Other Side site and from Amazon.

Feintheart has snuffled quietly into retirement. As mentioned in the last update, I may come back to it at some point – as the characters occasionally whisper to me but not loud enough to carry on. Instead, my main WIP is currently in the Fur-Skins world and all of 5,000 words long as I type. I’m referring to it as 25 Ways To Kill A Vampire but it’s more 25 Ways Not To Kill A Vampire. At least it’s not 25 Ways To Be Killed By A Vampire, eh?

In Under Smoke City [External Link] news, passage 8 came out on Monday and the first of the apocryphal stories comes out the Monday before. The passages are free for anyone to read, the apocrypha will be patrons only.

Wednesday 17th January, 2018

Well, here we are another week on. And the times they are a-changin’. Or something.

Right. My first order of business is to shout about this year’s Sword & Sourcery – my club will once more be hosting a women’s HEMA event in September, this time for a whole weekend. Please do look it up if you’ve ever given any thought to waving a sword and you identify as a woman. You can find the Facebook event page here: [External Link]

In writing news, I’ve shuffled Feintheart down the list of things to do – I suppose it’s technically abandoned but I may get back to it at some point – so I can listen to May Greywolf – a name that might be familiar to anyone who has read the later two Elkie books. I blame it on the fact that she kept me awake into the wee hours a couple of nights ago. We’re only a little way into the first chapter and the working title is “25 Ways To Kill A Vampire” as of this morning because I’m nothing if not useless at naming things.

On which note, don’t forget that I have an anthology of Alex & Conn stories (short stories set in the Fur-Skins world but earlier on the timeline than Elkie’s story) coming out later this year from Fox Spirit Books [External Link]. While I mention that, I may as well also post a reminder that the Other Side Books [External Link] will also be publishing some of my work – the first of the Greenwood novellas – later this year, too. Dates when I have them.

Finally, passage 7 of Under Smoke City [External Link] came out on Monday just gone and the first of the apochryphal stories comes out next Monday. (I got my dates screwed up a bit last week by forgetting to add 7 on.)

All caught up? Good. See you next week!