Monday 1st February, 2016

A slightly delayed update due to running out of spoons (a reference explained here, with links to the original explanation using spoons) a couple of times last week, including the weekend. In positive news, I have a post for The Finishing School [External Link] due on Wednesday.

Part of that was making it over to the York / BSFA social (which I hadn’t been sure I would make, so didn’t link on site. The next similar thing will be the Sheffield social (more here) in February and I hope to make it there, rest of life allowing. Don’t forget there’s an official launch party for African Monsters on March 3rd at Forbidden Planet, London.

Sunday 12th October, 2014

REMINDER 1: 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolfis available from Fox Spirit Books [External Link]. The first of those links will (eventually) get you to the UK Amazon but other “local” Amazon sites should also carry it. The ebooks (epub and mobi files) are now also available from Spacewitch [External Link].

REMINDER 2: I’d appreciate some more reviews – on Amazon or the Goodreads page [External Link] or the Booklikes page [External Link] – or anywhere else that does liking books! (And if you think of anywhere I should be spreading the news about my book-baby, please let me know.)

For those of you who remember the mention of the Fox Spirit Book’s “European Monsters” (back at the end of December last year), here’s a quick update. The title it’ll be published under is The FS Books of Monsters – Europe and you can find the line up of writers and artists here: [External Link]. This information has been available for a while but what hasn’t been is… I have seen the stories and (most of the) artwork and it’s awesome. Admittedly, as co-editor with Margrét Helgadóttir [External Link], I’m somewhat biased but this project is shaping up really well and I think you’re going to be blown away.

Also, you may notice the use of “books”. That wasn’t a typo. There will be more!

Somewhat related to both 25 Ways and the Monster books, there’s two new writing events on my list: the BFS / BSFA York Pubmeet #2 (also associated with the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club but titles have been shortened) and the Sheffield FSF Social #1. The former is in November and I hope to make it. The latter is in January and I don’t have much of a choice as I’ll be reading from 25 Ways (nominations for prefered method-to-be-read accepted in the comments). Also reading will be Adrian Tchaikovsky [External Link], one of the contributors to the European Monster book, although I expect he’ll be reading from somethig else! This is all getting a bit incestuous, isn’t it?

Finally, the Sunday Stories. Last week’s was The Modern Pentathlete and this week’s is How Otter Made The World, a fantasy flash piece of about 600 words that’s also suitable for children.