Sunday 12th April, 2015

Welp, here we are on the weekend after Dysprosium / EasterCon 2015. The short short version is it went very well. Fran Terminiello [External Link] and I even got name dropped by Adrian Tchaikovsky in his write up (see here: [External Link])

The slightly longer version. I drove down to Surrey to stay with Fran and her kids on Friday. Her husband, Pim, basically swapped places with me to attend a fencing thing in York over the same weekend. I came over to the convention on Saturday, wound up the kids on Sunday, then came back to the convention for swordy stuff on Monday. I drove back up to Yorkshire on Monday evening. I even had time to sell a few copies of European Monsters and 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf.

(Followed by an appointment at the hospital on Tuesday morning for unrelated dental stuff – I’ll be having my wisdom teeth out later in the year.)

Based on last weekend’s performance, I’m a little bit happier about attending the bigger cons and I’m looking forward to the Nine Worlds in August, although my swordy bit is not yet confirmed and I’ll be in need of a sidekick as Fran is going to FightCamp [External Link]. I’m already booked in to Satellite 5 (May next year) and eyeing up EasterCon 2016 (MancuniCon) and EasterCon 2017 (Pasgon in Cardiff).

And, on a not really related note, I’m now up to chapter 3 in the next book, working title A Fistful Of Feathers, to be known as Feathers in the tags. The core storyline is from the TVTropes story generator [External Link] but it’s already starting to look at my outline sideways and laugh. All I can say is, this one doesn’t involve werewolves. That I know of.

Sunday 29th March, 2015

As promised, I got around to writing up some background for An Invisible Tide (which is still up in the tenth anniversary issue of The Future Fire [External Link]; what do you mean you haven’t read it yet?)

Next week, I’ll be at Dysprosium / EasterCon with Fran Terminiello [External Link]. You can find the Dysprosium details here [External Link]. I won’t be there for the whole thing but I’ll be kicking around on the Saturday and actually presenting some stuff on HEMA for writers (with Fran) on Monday. See you there!

Sunday 22nd March, 2015

Well, a link soup update!

A short story of mine, An Invisible Tide, has been published. More importantly, it has been published in issue 32 of The Future Fire [External Link], which is now ten years old! It’s a lovely online magazine – and I’m biased but they’re not good just because they published a few of my stories. In fact, they’re so good I name dropped them as part of my 9 Good Things on the 27 Good Things website [External Link] (which also came out this week). I have yet to write my story background post for An Invisible Tide and hope to sort things out for next week. However, if you want to tell me what you thought about it, don’t forget that The Future Fire has their own blog and are looking for feedback comments, too!

For the next trick, if you haven’t noticed I have a book out called 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf (from Fox Spirit Books [External Link]). The follow up (A Pack Of Lies) should be out for July, so now may be a good time to take a look – or leave feedback at Amazon, or Goodreads, or Booklikes, or … Well, you get the idea. Needy writer continues to be needy! For some idea of what it’s all about try these pages and posts on site:

(Actually, for that matter, you may also want to have a look at European Monsters. Because it’s a beautiful book that I just happen to be co-editor of, along with Margrét Helgadóttir [External Link].)

Finally, just a reminder that I’ll be at Dysprosium / EasterCon with Fran Terminiello [External Link]. So that’s in two weeks’ time, give or take a day!

Sunday 15th March, 2015

You know how I said I might be more interesting next week… a fortnight ago? Well, it turns out I was too interesting to post a website update.

I made a flying visit to Copenhagen last weekend to meet up with Margrét Helgadóttir [External Link]. It was mainly social but it did give us a chance to talk African Monsters (which we’re aiming to get out this December) and writing in general.

The dogs were in kennels for my visit but promptly decided to make life interesting by runnign away. Well, Dora ran off. And she didn’t so much run off as refuse to come out of a bramble patch. She was back within 24 hours but it did require alerting various authorities and putting up posters. Have you noticed how Dora keeps having these adventures that mean I spend a lot of time talking about her? I need to do something about that…

Finally, just a reminder that I’ll be at Dysprosium / EasterCon with Fran Terminiello [External Link]. So that’s in two weeks’ time, give or take a day!

Sunday 22nd February, 2015

An uneventful week with ery little to report on this week. However, things you might be interested in:

  • I took a flying visit (well, actually I went by train) to the Waterloo Sparring Group [External Link] on Saturday. Mainly so I could meet up with Fran Terminiello [External Link] to discuss our presentation thingummy at Dysprosium / EasterCon [External Link] but I also enjoyed the opportunity to spar have my rear end handed to me on a plate by some new people.
  • Although it didn’t really take that long (I was gone from 7am until 5pm with travel included) and didn’t use that much energy, I ended up going to bed by 8pm and sleeping for about 12 hours straight. I have spent today with a headache due to lying in bed too long but never mind!
  • Dora had her first stay in kennels (with Finn and Rosie, obviously). On the plus side, she didn’t partake in any jail breaks while I was gone. On the not so plus side, I’ve had three dogs all trying to sit on my knee and bask in my attention since we got back in from picking them up and our long walk…

See you next week!

Sunday 4th January, 2015

Welcome to 2015. Only another 2 to 6 months of me writing the date wrong to go!

Not much to report, seeing as the holiday period generally means things are slow but here’s a couple of things for you:

  1. The Ink Plan closed at the end of 2014. Well, officially. It’s resulted in a £20 donation to NAS [External Link] and, if nothing else, is a good excuse to donate a small some every year, so I shall be counting up again next year.
  2. Fran Terminiello [External Link] and I did quite well at Alt.Fiction 2014 with our HEMA for Writers presentation so we’re planning on doing it again – and not just at Alt.Fiction. Although our part in it hasn’t been confirmed, we’re both now members for this year’s EasterCon, which will be Dysprosium, and this has gone up under my events posts. This time, we’re focussing on a couple of eras / styles of fencing.

    (We shall probably be at Alt.Fiction, although tickets have not yet been bought and our time slot is not confirmed. We’re also aiming for another couple of SFF cons in the year, so fingers crossed.)

Dysprosium 2015, aka EasterCon (done)

The Dysprosium bid / team are hosting this year’s EasterCon [External Link];
3rd – 6th April, 2015;
Heathrow, England

Fran Terminiello and I are hoping to continue our Edge Lit success of last year and should be presenting a little something about historical fencing for writers if all goes to plan.

Sunday 6th January, 2013

Perhaps a fitting mood to be in for the start of the year, but my news is currently full of “maybe”s – which means there’s not much point in me telling you about what I’m up to in case none of them get off the ground.

On the positive side (in the sense of things organised) I have committed to:

  • Purchasing more wasters from The Knight Shop [External Link]. There will be a blog post on the new additions to the kit bag (and I’m buying a new one of those, too) when they turn up and I’ve had a play.
  • I am booked in for the 2014 EasterCon / Satellite 4 [External Link]. I say booked in but what that means is I’ve bought membership. As there are plenty of things that can go wrong between now and April 2014, I make no further promises.

I am idly thinking about buying membership to EasterCon 2013 [External Link], as it’s not too far away in Bradford, but I suspect I shall chicken out of that. I shall, however, be making some sort of appearance at SWASH 2013 in early March, if anyone fancies some fencing.