What A Woman Can Be

Does anyone else remember the above poster from history lessons? Well, I was reminded of it while catching part of yesterday’s Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. He did a segment about the recent doping allegations against Ye Shiwen and it ran into some things that have come up recently in other parts of my life / conversations. You can listen to … Continue reading

Strong Women: Perverted By Choice

WARNING: I’m using the Avengers film as a running example in this post so there will be spoilers. This is not a review and I’m not attempting to comment on how well I think the team of creators responsible for it did. It’s just the most recent example of “strength” I’ve seen.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that the speculative fiction post code – divide the genres and subgenres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Sex

(Post title appropriated from Salt’N’Pepa)

Once again, I’m about to do a blog post without any real research or tracking back to relevant information. I am a bad scientist, one of the many reasons I didn’t finish the doctorate I started many moons ago. So, we’re about to set off on a many thousand word essay with the advance warning that this is my opinion (and deluded reasoning) only. Here we go.

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Women’s Role Models: Politicians

Okay, the now traditional reminders first. I’m focussing on the period between 800-1600 A.D. (or C.E.). I’ve specifically picked this period because this tends to be the inspiration for “medieval” fantasy although this actually covers a number of historic time periods. However you split the time frame up, a lot of things changed so any generalisations will be crude and possibly insulting.

The disclaimers:

  • I am doing this from a (white) British point of view.
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    Sunday 11th March, 2012

    Well, I continued the series on Women’s Roles in Fantasy Fiction (and in the real “Middle Ages”) with Women’s Role Models: Generals. There are two related site “innovations” this week. I’ve now put a short section at the end of each of the related posts so that it’s easier to jump between them (if you, you know, actually enjoy reading them) and I’ve shuffled my site categories slightly to allow an easy jump to the group of posts from the menu on the right (and here). The end is in sight with the final post in the series planned for Wednesday this week.

    Which also means that now is the time to nominate a subject for me to waffle on, or request an expansion on something I’ve already covered, if you’ve enjoyed my attempts at blogging.

    The redrafting on 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf continues. I’ve got everything marked-up on paper and I have six more to get onto the computer. Further writing may resume soon, particularly as I’ve had some werewolf related ideas. I suspect there will be a brief short story (or two) detour before I make it back into the world of my Gens.

    In rugby news, Wales beat Italy (woot!), Ireland beat Scotland (but it looked close for a while) and Alain Rolland is not scared of controversy (France – England, England won) – this being the referee last mentioned with respect to the World Cup and the France – Wales game (Sunday 15th October, 2011). This week, he gave a yellow card to an English player for something that was technically a penalty. Well, pending any comments from the various rugby boards as to whether they agree with the ref’s call. Again, Mr Rolland’s biggest problem was being put in a situation where his impartiality can be questioned. He should be banned from refereeing any international match with France playing just as he is not allowed to referee an international Ireland match. Not because I believe he’s partial but because it will cut down at least half of the griping. Seriously, the related comments spoil my enjoyment of the game more than his actual calls do!

    In life off computer and tv, the boiler was fixed on Monday – so, yet again, I have heating back in time for the weather to warm up. Having worked outdoors three days out of five last week and having been enjoying the summer-like weather today, I can safely say I wouldn’t have frozen to death if the boiler hadn’t been under warranty. On the other hand, I’ve been a sight more comfortable than I would have been without it.

    Women’s Role Models: Generals

    So, it’s time to look at “General”s a bit more and consider what kind of woman ends up as one. As with the previous posts in this series, this will look at some actual examples, then some more recent examples or suggestions, finishing off with what this means from a fantasy fiction point of view.

    For those new to this series of posts or those who want a reminder, I’m focussing on the period between … Continue reading

    Sunday 4th March, 2012

    Continuing the series on Women in Fantasy Fiction (and in the real “Middle Ages”), I posted on Women’s Role Models: Soldiers in the week just gone. I’ve got the makings of the Women’s Role Models: Generals for some time this week – probably Wednesday, again. Please let me know what you think of these posts – partly to alleviate the whole “voice crying in the wilderness” feel of them and partly because I would genuinely like some discussion. How am I expected to know I’m talking rubbish if you don’t tell me, huh? Comments will also encourage or discourage me (whichever you prefer) from doing similar series of posts in the future.

    Foxie has been kind enough to link to the first of the series from this post here: Women in Fantasy: Dulle Griet [External Link]. There’s a bit more discussion and a pretty picture for you all to look at. While you’re on Foxie’s blog, you might also enjoy the short story he’s just made available: Son of a Bitch [External Link]. A nice bit of reading to get you giving your computer the odd sideways glance. Just to be sure…

    I owe everyone an apology for my crappy little rugby summary last weekend. Not because I should inflict you with more or less detail but because I put things wrong. Ireland beat Italy. France didn’t play until Sunday and they beat Scotland (although Scotland apparently started well). As I typed this, I was watching the dying minutes of the delayed France v. Ireland game. It was 17 all and it stayed that way.

    The decorating is (more or less) finished. Until I start the next room. If I mention it, remind me that I hate the actual process, although my newly decorated room looks pretty spiffing, thank you for asking. The radiator drip has been solved properly by putting the radiator back on – the cork did not last well, it was shot out some time on Wednesday and I have yet to find the cork – but the central heating stopped working – also on Wednesday. The pressure has gone from the system but I can’t get the system to refill itself. I could struggle putting water in myself, or I can call the plumber tomorrow, now I know that the radiator isn’t the only problem.

    And, finally, redrafting on 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf continues. I’ve got three or four methods marked up on paper – one of my beta readers wanted a manuscript and I’m a little surprised how much easier I find it doing the initial edits on paper – prior to typing the changes in. Further writing may resume but I think it might be better to concentrate on getting my werewolves done and dusted.

    Women’s Role Models: Soldiers

    In this post, I’m looking at the character type I defined as a “Soldier” a bit more in-depth with the character types covered. As before, this will look at some actual examples, then some more recent examples or suggestions, finishing off with what this means from a fantasy fiction point of view.

    As with all previous posts (Women’s Roles in Fantasy Fiction, Women’s … Continue reading

    Women’s Role Models: Ringers

    In this and the following posts, I hope to go a bit more in-depth with the character types covered in the Women’s Role Models: Introduction post (in other words, actually discuss some role models) and then look at things from a more modern perspective as well as what this means from a fantasy fiction point of view.

    As with the previous post and the starting point ( Continue reading

    Women’s Role Models: An Introduction

    As I commented on the Women’s Roles in Fantasy Fiction post (rather than in because my brain had started to melt by the time I got to 5000 words), there are real examples of women taking on important roles in history. I hope to put together a few posts about them, starting with this one. I will link forward to the connecting, more specific posts once they’re written, so … Continue reading