Swords & Sourcery (done)

The Academie Glorianna [External Link] is hosting the first Swords & Sourcery;
23rd Septmber, 2017;
Scorton, Lancashire, England

A women’s event combining historical european martial arts (HEMA) practice and a brief look at the sources, intended to help women get into HEMA and to gain an understanding of the potential for research.

There’s a Facebook event page here: [External Link]
Please be aware the event has been set to private, so if you’re interested, it’s best to contact me on Facebook / Messenger for an invite: [External Link]

Wednesday 8th March, 2017

And this week it’s International Women’s Day, so yay for the women! Whether you’re cis or trans*, this is your day 🙂

For those of you feeling left out, there’s an International Men’s Day. Please remember to make as much noise on my Twitter and FB feeds about how men need support too as you’re doing now on November 19th.

And for today’s round up:

The Amazon.com giveaway of 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf has finished and the five copies have started winging their way to the winners. And Amazon handled all of that, so I may have to do this sort of thing again!

I do have another giveaway to organise in the not too distant future, but it will have to be on another platform that Amazon. I will be attending ChapterCon, a new convention that has an interesting way of doing things. We authors and others in the industry get a work conference in the week and then the Saturday (26th August) will be open to the public – provided you buy a reader’s ticket to cover the morning or afternoon session. And I have three reader tickets available to give away.

I don’t remember to put up events pages for the Yorkshire area SFF socials as often as I should but I’m going to be at the Humber SF&F social in Hull on Easter Saturday (April 15th) so I’ve done a links page here. I’ll be there in the capacity as author as well as the more usual heckling member of the audience who talks too much.

There’s another event, that won’t make it to an event page, the weekend after next called “By the Sword – The Women’s HEMA weekender” (also occasionally referred to as “SHEMA”). I shall be attending and doing a bit of smallsword instruction. So I shall be otherwise engaged for St Patrick’s Day and the Six Nation’s Super Saturday. Greater love hath no HEMAiste, etc.

Other than that, the writing creeps on and I may be looking at the outline of another 40,000 word novella with Greenwood-y themes. I think I may have read too many fairy tales and similar as a child.

Monday 10th August, 2015

I have been to Nine Worlds [External Link] and it was good. I wasn’t quite so impressed with the service at the hosting hotel, but the event itself was great. Big, noisy and challenging but it was overall an enjoyable experience. I would like to think that Sarah, Kit and I also helped make it so for others with our HEMA for Writers: Swashbucklers and Bravoes presentation – although, to be fair, we spent a lot of time having our own mini-HEMA event within the con. And thereby hangs a thread of an idea that we might put some work into for next year…

There was a bit of running around and meeting people – for example the talented Sally Jane Thompson [External Link] was my roomy for the weekend, Miltos Yerolemou [External Link] came and watched some of our (non-panel) sword-y fun, Joanne Harris [External Link] was kind enough to speak to me as if my randomly striking up a conversation wasn’t creepy at all – but the event was so big and busy that I’m pretty sure I ended up effectively ignoring an awfully large number of people I should have or could have talked to.

I even remembered to take Mousie with me and she bagged five postcards, some of them without my help at all:

The next convention stop will be FantasyCon in Nottingham but there will be a slight diversion around the Rugby Union World Cup before then.

And, yet again, a reminder that I have a couple of my own books out: 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and A Pack of Lies. If you’ve read them, feedback and/or reviews would be gratefully received, thank you. You can find some background information to the world on this site (titles, genre, location, characters), along with the opening prologue and first chapter of 25 Ways if you want to get a feel for what they’re all about.

Sunday 5th July, 2015

This week is a week of reminders:

A Pack of Lies has been released into the wild. That link will take you through to my usual link soup but there’s a Goodreads page if you click on the small cover image to the right of the screen that will (eventually) take you to your local version of Amazon in order to buy it. If you so wish.

If you want a feel for what A Pack of Lies and its predecessor, 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf, are like I have the opening prologue and first chapter of 25 Ways on this site.

I’m also at Edge Lit, where there will be a Fox Spirit / Boo Books launch during the lunch time slot. If things go according to plan, I shall be reading from A Pack of Lies and copies of both books should be available (from the publisher) at the event – so please do come along and listen.

Having past another first Wednesday of the month, I have a new post up at The Finishing School. This month, I’m talking about the assumption that anyone who carries on a martial art, particularly HEMA, long enough will become a teacher or instructor of said art – and whether this is an unavoidable fate. You can find the post here: [External Link]

Finally, this week’s updates at the Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link] were about second sight and The Great Explorer, both mentioned in the original Hunting Unicorns story.

Edge Lit #4 (done)

The Derby QUAD [External Link] is hosting Edge Lit #4;
11th July, 2015;
Derby, England

There’s a Facebook event page here: [External Link]
Tickets are available here: [External Link]

Fran Terminiello and I are hoping to continue our Edge Lit success of last year and should be presenting a little something about historical fencing for writers if all goes to plan don’t fit on this year’s programme but I’ll definitely be hanging around.

Sunday 4th January, 2015

Welcome to 2015. Only another 2 to 6 months of me writing the date wrong to go!

Not much to report, seeing as the holiday period generally means things are slow but here’s a couple of things for you:

  1. The Ink Plan closed at the end of 2014. Well, officially. It’s resulted in a £20 donation to NAS [External Link] and, if nothing else, is a good excuse to donate a small some every year, so I shall be counting up again next year.
  2. Fran Terminiello [External Link] and I did quite well at Alt.Fiction 2014 with our HEMA for Writers presentation so we’re planning on doing it again – and not just at Alt.Fiction. Although our part in it hasn’t been confirmed, we’re both now members for this year’s EasterCon, which will be Dysprosium, and this has gone up under my events posts. This time, we’re focussing on a couple of eras / styles of fencing.

    (We shall probably be at Alt.Fiction, although tickets have not yet been bought and our time slot is not confirmed. We’re also aiming for another couple of SFF cons in the year, so fingers crossed.)

Dysprosium 2015, aka EasterCon (done)

The Dysprosium bid / team are hosting this year’s EasterCon [External Link];
3rd – 6th April, 2015;
Heathrow, England

Fran Terminiello and I are hoping to continue our Edge Lit success of last year and should be presenting a little something about historical fencing for writers if all goes to plan.

London Smallsword Workshop, January 2015 (done)

“The Black Boar Swordsmanship School [External Link] with the support of London Sword And Dagger Club [External Link] are delighted to announce a one day workshop on Smallsword”;
17th January, 2015;
London, England

There’s a Facebook event page with full details here: [External Link]

Sunday 1st June, 2014

REMINDER: Ole and I are running giveaways for a copy of Amok: An Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction Anthology (again, on the bookshelf to the right). Mine can be found here, while Ole’s is here: [External Link] These are only open to people with postal addresses in Europe (UK / EU / EEA / Switzerland) due to household cashflow restrictions and the winners will be announced on June 15th.

And back to the latest updates and news for the website:

SWASH 2014 was this weekend (some people are still playing…) and so was the Copenhagen Open. These event posts are now marked “done” and no longer sticky / visible on the front page.

This week I published a story background post for The Girl From Yesterday. This is the last of the stories still available that has been published elsewhere. The remaining stories that will come up in background posts have gone out of print (or the website has closed down in some cases). I will also only be doing background for five more of the nine stories – the New Dryas and stand-alones – as the remainder have background available on site by following the Fur-Skins and Jehanist world have quite a bit of background already.

That said, when I’ve run through those stories, I shall be posting some background about the soon-to-arrive 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf (the cover reveal from mid-May is here). This should be available from Fox Spirit [External Link] in mid-July – in time for Edge Lit 3 [External Link]. I have three posts prepared explaining a bit about Genre (Fantasy), Location (North Wales) and Character (Elkie Bernstein).

In related news, I’ve started writing the first draft of the third Elkie story. Sorry, she wanted to come out to play again – and I haven’t even got Book 2 sorted, yet! Working title is currently “Under The Skin” and, as of this week, it now has a tag. I’ll leave it a few weeks before I start updating the Fur-Skins page with it, though.

Having got a Mousie Postcard out last weekend, it looks like Mousie is going to have a bit of a jaunt. Actually, she’s having most of it today as a photo shoot to prepare but I digress. Along with Margrét Helgadóttir [External Link] and Chris Galvin [External Link], I’ll be doing an A-Z challenge with posts due every 1 to 3 days. So, Mousie will be releasing her “A-Z Postcard Guide to Thurnscoe” – where I live in South Yorkshire. Mini-blogs should be posted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so the first will be tomorrow.

And the final note: I’ve started reminding you all that the on-site fiction still exists as a “Sunday Story”. Last week I tweeted the existence of St James Infirmary Blues. This week, it will be Distractions.

Sunday 11th May, 2014

Let’s start with something I forgot to mention last week. Esfinges [External Link] – an online support community for women in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), of which I am a member, and for which I organise some Twitter Talks – is one of the sponsors of this year’s Iron Gate Exhibition. Following the link will take you to some details but for the basics:

Iron Gate Exhibition (IGX) 2014;
26th – 28th September, 2014;
Danvers Indoor Sports, Danvers, Massachusetts, USA

In a change of subject, I’ve added another story background post about Hunting Unicorns, which is still available on the Future Fire website [External Link]. This joins the current group of posts for Three Little Pigs and Gone Fishing (the latter of which is in Amok from Solarwyrm Press [External Link], see the Ink Plan bookshelf to the right), Two Hearts, Two Minds (no longer available online) and Good Form (also available on the Future Fure website and in their Outlaw Bodies anthology, also on the Ink Plan bookshelf). I have another background post due out this week.

Also this week, there’s going to be an announcement. Please keep an eye out for it!