Change of Plan: Archangels to Jehanists

There has been a serious change of plan to my “I’ll get around to it” pile. You may have noticed in a site diary post (Monday 6th August, 2012) that I’ve started going through my pile of “To be rewritten” work – and when I say piles, I don’t mean literal piles because these are all on the computer. The words list or collection just doesn’t sound quite as good … Continue reading

Sunday 3rd April, 2011

You know, I would actually be more interesting if I did things… Minor writing updates and some genealogy updates may be turning up for next week.

In between the birthday stuff and spending several hours looking at various shades of cream and off-white (Hey, lookit! I’m a girl after all!) I’ve done the bare minimum of doodling through the last fortnight so let’s start with writing as it’s got some tangible evidence of work.

  • There’s been an update on the Archangels’ page as I’ve belatedly found out some news. The original email way back when fell through my spam filters and I decided to check up on it and… basically, The Gospel was been republished in an updated version of the anthology as the original publishers went defunct last year. So, new links on the Archangel page lead to places it can be bought from.
  • As a few of my friends know, I’ve had a crack at writing some stories for my niece and now I don’t know what to do with them. Well, after a stern talking to, I’m actually seeing about rehoming them. In the unlikely event that I’m the next big thing in picture books, you heard it here first…
  • And, on the theme of branching out from speculative fiction, I haven’t heard back from the romance stuff, so we can safely assume that I won’t be taking over the world by that method. I’ll still be sending the manuscripts out but it’s not exactly a priority in my writing workload.

So, on to queuing up some future changes in the genealogy pages.

  • I have had contact this week with a fellow SANSOM descendant by the name of Roger SANSOM and, if he’s amenable to the sharing of information, a few more people may be joining the database. I’ll update the report as soon as we get things hammered out.
  • I’ve also been contacted by another TABERNER descendant whose branch have been heavily involved in the TABERNER inheritance squabble. As a result, I should be able to put together enough information to have a reasonable explanation of what happened to the (alleged) fortune. I have some transcriptions of newspaper articles and a photocopy of the will that (I think) set it all off but I haven’t been sure about how things all went sideways and how to connect it all together. In other words, more verbage on the TABERNER page at some point soon!

I still have some emails and comments to catch up on, so apologies for being slow to those I haven’t contacted yet. I will be doing so soon. Otherwise, see you all next week!

Sunday 17th January, 2010

Writing news! Yay!

The anthology The Next Time: Alternate Reality/Time Travel published by Lame Goat Press [External Link] is now out. It contains my short story The Gospel, from the Archangels’ world I’ve been playing with off and on. The book is available through [External Link] and Createspace [External Link]. is apparently more shipping friendly for those of us outside of the USA.

Nothing much else to say. But working on more CHARLESWORTH and TABERNER updates for another week – possibly next week. And, oddly enough, I have some news about the CUTTS line that will also need to be added soon.

Sunday 20th April, 2008

There are a few small tweaks around the place, but nothing of major reporting importance outside of the new TABERNER line now added to the site. At the moment, I just have little more than the bare bones of the information up as given to me by Eric WINSTANLEY, but more will be going up as the line has suddenly become very interesting.

We’ve been digging around the records and the “new” Thomas TABERNER actually belongs to the original line and my own connection needs to be removed as we’ve confuzzled him with a Thomas TABERNER of our own. The swap has already taken place, so the alternative line has everything from the first Ralph / Richard down. But further updates will be happening in the next week or two, as we work out our line again and bring it further back in time. I need to get my own records in order before I can make change the web-site, but watch this space, etc.

And for my Writing round-up, you may notice on the home page for the said section and my projects page that I’ve had another acceptance. Half-breed is to be published by Twisted Tongue [External Link] in August. Other than that, I’m busy hacking The Elvish Virtues down to short stories – I’m almost there – and I’m now 3/8 through redrafting The Longest Night. Oh, and The Light Bearer has been put in long-term storage.

Sunday 2nd March, 2008

Welcome to March. Did you survive the leap day? This week’s updates are things that haven’t really made it to site yet. But they will. So think of this week’s diary as a trailer. Coming soon to a web-site near you…

In Writing projects news, I’ve finally started redrafting The Longest Night. It’s going to take some time and some rather savage cuts of the knife, but I think it’ll survive surgery. I’ve also written the first chapter of Charity, the third of the Elvish Virtues. These have both been updated. I am also eagerly awaiting the publishing of The Ally-Ally-Oh (consider it a sneak peak at the world used in The Longest Night), and should be hearing back from Drollerie Press [External Link] and Eclectica [External Link] soon, regarding The Big, Bad Wolf and The Light Bearer respectively.

In genealogy news, I have had a handful of brave volunteers for a CHARLESWORTH directory. I’m hoping to put it up when I remove the Project Alerts from this page. I just need to make sure that everyone is happy with the information I make available, first.

And more CHARLESWORTH news, I have updated the Black Bull CHARLESWORTHs, having run into a “new” cousin / relative by the name of Robin TAYLOR (Ta for the help, Rob). As ever, the new data comes with the corollary that we can never prove these things 100%. Genealogy is always best guessing and my lazy form of IGI-reliance is less certain than most others!

I have become convinced that more of my lot made it over the border to Mansfield area of Nottinghamshire. Not much of a stretch as Upper Langwith is in the Mansfield registration district and sits just on the Derbyshire side of the county border. The related Nether Langwith is just in Nottinghamshire. In trying to prove this, I’ve managed to find a few extra twigs for my trees. I will probably be updating the reports as I make more assumptions joining dots.

Sunday 18th November, 2007

Well, things have turned out pretty much as expected this week. And don’t worry – my projects page has been updated to reflect it all, so you can play “spot the difference” to your heart’s content.

The Gospel is now in its third draft. I’m still not happy with it and will probably re-draft it several times over the coming months. The second draft of White Heart has been completed (wooo hoooo!). And a request for dedicated readers (RFDR) has been put in the Critter’s Workshop [External Link] system for The Longest Night. The RFDR itself consists of the synopsis for The Longest Night and probably won’t make it to the front of the queue until January, as I have a short (Hybrid) to go through first (up for critiqueing from 05/12/2007).

I’ve heard back from the Interzone Mundane issue editors (more information here: [External Link]) and my story The Ally-Ally-Oh has been very nicely rejected. Being determined/positive/stubborn/a pain in the proverbial/all of the afore-mentioned, it’s gone straight out again to Murky Depths [External Link], which was queued up to be added to my reading material list before I made the decision. Now I just look like I’m brown-nosing, seeing as I haven’t actually subscribed yet (the joys of obscenely low income). Oh, well.

You may also notice the addition of The Big, Bad Wolf to my projects. It’s a modernisation of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy/folk tale (Wikipedia info: [External Link]) intended for Drollerie Press and their anthology of Little Red [External Link]. Hopefully, it’ll be ready in time for the deadline. Then I just have to worry about them liking it.

And for my next trick… This coming week, I’m hoping to start putting together the first draft of Faith properly. It may take some time as I need it to fit perfectly with White Heart and the rest of the planned Hound of Kern Trilogy, but develop in its own right as well. I’m also hoping to put fingers to keyboard for Nemonymous Eight: Cone Zero [External Link]. I have an idea. I just have to write it down.

Michael’s Story Arc

The only arc in this world I’ve plotted out (mentally or on paper) is that of Michael, the first Archangel. The current structure I’m using is:

  • Light Bearer (in serious need of a rewrite)
  • A Council of Angels (unpublished short, possibly to be rewritten)
  • Maid of God (possible Novel?)
  • The Gospel (Short)
  • The first short story on the list is a very badly written piece gathering dust tells that tells of how Michael became the … Continue reading