Published: Missing Monarchs (Fox Pockets, #4)

Fox Spirit Books [External Link] published the fourth of their Fox Pockets on Friday 19th December, 2014. Missing Monarchs is currently available in kindle edition and paperback – with an epub eventually due out from Spacewitch [External Link].

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The kindle edition can be bought from any Amazon site but here’s the UK version: [External Link] (Just look the title up in your more local version, if you have no objections to Amazon and aren’t in the UK.)
This has a Goodreads page [External Link] and a Booklikes page [External Link].

The paperback edition can be bought from Lulu: [External Link]
This also has a Goodreads page [External Link] and a Booklikes page [External Link].

Anthology, fantasy / horror / science fiction

Broken Bear (Short)

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Old Harle paused and looked at the raven that perched insolently on the lord’s thatch. When it called and nodded to him, he nodded back without thinking. It had been a decade since he had drawn a sword or swung an axe for his lord. He had thought his chance of a warrior’s death well passed. He changed his course and limped into the hall. His two … Continue reading