Monday 1st July, 2013

So, the SSS Sheffield fencing club [External Link] had Chris CHATFIELD of The 1595 Club [External link] round for the weekend. We did some work based on Saviolo and he seemed to cope quite well with my, well, not coping all that well.

This also meant that the Hellhounds were imprisoned at the local kennels (which they seem to enjoy it more than any prison inmate should) and I took Friday and today off work, to get some chores done and generally relax from two days of training.

A Pack Of Lies slowed down and I’ve only edged up to 25,000 words – about 4,000 since last weekend. Although I have been working on some blog posts – one of which is published here: Journeymouse’s Grand Unified Theory of Life (Draft 0). The others are Elkie / 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf related and need a bit of polishing before I post them.

Other posts to mention: I’ve finally put up a couple of links for Fechtschule York 2013 and FightCamp 2013 in August. Both have been advertised for a while and FightCamp particularly fills up fast. In fact, I’m not sure if any space remains at FightCamp but it’s worth following through the links and getting in touch with organisers.

Sunday 10th February, 2013

Well, I forgot to take Mousie to the February freeplay session – it could be that Miss Mouse is not intended to learn to defend herself while on her travels. That may even be what the Hellhounds are for. (Finally! A use for them!)

Of course, going fencing meant I missed the Scotland v Italy game – and so, again, I probably missed the most entertaining and open game of the weekend. I made it back to watch an efficient but not that spectacular win by Wales over France in a game that was only entertaining because “my” team was in it rather than because of anything that actually happened. Today’s match between Ireland and England was barely any better with the weather making it hard to do anything but hang on for grim death. Apparently. (I wasn’t there, I can only go by what was shown on tv.) England won and thus become the favourites for the Six Nations.

At this point, I have to admit I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been procrastinating, which makes for lots of time sinks and no obvious progress. Sam has been a bit more industrious, however, and you can find some photos of her keyrings, earrings and candles on the Artful Hearts Designs Facebook page [External Link], along with some photos of her friend Terry LAIR / Cabin Clutter Creations’ work. Sam’s also currently running a competition for a keyring, which you can see here: [External Link].

Sunday 27th January, 2013

It’s a fencing week this week, starting with the events currently in the sticky slider on the front page (in date order):

I should be attending the SSS Sheffield events and I’ve just booked my place at SWASH (including the dinner) – but I may slope off to watch Scotland vs. Wales on the Saturday.

Further dates for events that I may be going to but don’t currently have enough detail to put up a link for are:

  • April 13th, SSS Sheffield freeplay session
  • May 11th, SSS Sheffield freeplay session
  • August 10th – 11th, Fechtschule York
  • August 16th – 18th, Fightcamp 2013
  • October 19th – 20th, Smallsword Symposium V

(And if you can think of any that I ought to mention, whether or not I can attend, let me know.)

In keeping with the theme, I have two new pages, having written something about the latest addition to the Knight Shop waster set and my second hand Federschwert.

To cap it all off, there’s been a call for submissions to a “dragonpunk” anthology that aims to turn the privilege of medieval-style high fantasy upside down (Combustion Books: [External Link]). And a similar point of view on high / medieval Europe based fantasy can also be found in an older post on the Future Fire Editor’s Blog (“L is for Low Fantasy” [ target=”_blank”>External Link]).

Monday 24th December, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the delay in posting but I went to Glasgow for the weekend and really couldn’t bring myself to write a bog post when I got back on Sunday evening. I maybe should have lined up something beforehand but thought a Christmas Eve post would be the most seasonal thing to do. In keeping with this, the penultimate day of the TTA Press Advent calendar is up (links can be found from here: [External Link] and the forum thread for discussion is here: [External Link]), and I’m cooking the things I’m supposed to take round for the family dinner tomorrow.

To prove that Christmas is essentially here, I have a brass band:

Extra brownie points / mince pies all round if you remember all the words!

A number of historical fencing events have gone up on my list of events. In date order:

There isn’t much else to talk about and I’ll update you on my Flattr-ing [External Link] experience next week.

SSS Sheffield present Chris Chatfield (done)

The Society for the Study of Swordsmanship, Sheffield Chapter [External Link] present a weekend of training with Chris CHATFIELD (of The 1595 Club) [External link]
29th – 30th June, 2013;
Darnall, Sheffield, England

Facebook event page here: [External Link]

Monday 1st October, 2012

I actually managed to do some writing and some house-cleaning last week, in preparation for the fencing weekend. Then I got to spend two days waving longswords (brain fried at almost exactly 3pm both days) with SSS Sheffield [External Link]. The strangest thing out of all of this was that the house remained in near habitable condition – even with house guests – right up until I brought the Hellhounds home. Now there’s dog hair everywhere again.

In terms of writing, I’ve finished my first draft of a “superhero” (ish) story that may work out in time to be submitted to the Crossed Genres [External Link] anthology. In what is available for writing this week, I hope to get back into A Granted Wish. But I’m driving up to Edinburgh some time Friday to spend a couple of days waving smallswords around.

Yeah, that means I’m having to decide between cleaning, packing, writing or doing nothing constructive when not working, walking the dogs, sleeping, or eating. I suspect nothing constructive will win because I just found a new game on Facebook…