Wednesday 15th February, 2017

The Future Fire [External Link] achieved their goal!

Rugby has been entertaining!

I have been writing!

Oh, and – as you may remember – I have a book out. And I forgot to mention I’ve been cleaning up my notes on how the fur-skins world works again last weekend, so here’s the latest Order of Play post.

Wednesday 8th February, 2017

To make up for my hubris last week, my current WIP has barely crawled this week. It’s been more like one of those heart breaking belly-flopping motions that someone makes when they’ve fallen over ad struggle to get up due to lack of co-ordination. Although, persona experience of this has usually been due to too much alcohol and entirely self-inflicted, so sympathy is wasted. Sorry, I digress. I have put words into other things this week, though, along with spending some time reading.

So, I have a new guest post to tell you about, all part of promoting Fool If You Think It’s Over:

  • Werewolves and Writing Process on Shona Kinsella’s blog [External Link]

You may notice that it also ties in with the guest post I did some time ago for The Future Fire:

Speaking of which, that is loosely associated with The Future Fire’s awareness raising for their Problem Daughters anthology. They’re on their last week of the drive, so please go take a look at their Indiegogo campaign if you haven’t already: [External Link]

Sunday 13th September, 2015

Hello again! Yes, I missed another week. And, no, I’m not entirely sure why, either. However, here’s a few things worth sharing!

The Future Fire [External Link] Indiegogo fund-raiser [External Link] made it’s goal, so thank you to everyone who donated time or money. I’m not anything directly to do with it, I ought to add, I’m just someone who’s been lucky enough to be published by them a few times and who hopes to be published by them again.

I’m about half way through the projected length of A Fistful Of Feathers. I know where I intend to end up but it’s still a bit touch and go as to whether all the elements will line up or the route will actually get me there. Of course, as well as having the mid-story blues (or “major bout of procrastination” as it should more accurately be called), I’m trying to square up a few other commitments with day-job and writing that a) aren’t obvious to everyone else and b)keep me from getting through this middle chunk any faster.

My final update-y bit is about my Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link]. It finally occurred to me that deadlinks may put people off more than I should, and the only real solution is to release posts as I put them on wordpress. However, given that I can either post them individually over a month or do a bulk upload and then “spotlight” individual posts over the month, guess which I’m going to do? Well, more or less. I’ve now scheduled all the posts due for my Spetember 15th update very fist thing on Tuesday morning – and will be tweeting a link to a page on my more usual schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’ll be away next weekend as I’m going to watch a rugby match. This means I’ll be late posting or may skip next week – and that I won’t necessarily be watching Doctor who at the same time as everyone else…

Sunday 30th August, 2015

I’m not entirely sure how, but I managed to lose a weekend – at least in blogging terms. However, here we are now!

This week is a few The Future Fire [External Link] related mentions and plug. To start with, the Indiegogo fund-raiser [External Link] to help TFF bring their tenth celebrations in with style (better funding for their artists and writers, etc) has a couple of days remaining. If you like your science fiction, fantasy and horror inclusive as well as intelligent (well, barring my offerings) please take a look at it and consider donating.

A further part of the #TFFX celebrations is a flash fiction competition with prizes – more information here: [External Link]

I’ve written a twitter story as part of this (“Ten” or “Sheep Valhalla” as I’m starting to think of it) that I Storified and posted here: [External Link]

I also took part in some brainstorming last night (again, the tweets are Storified here: [External Link]) and the result I came up with is called “Ten Inch / Silent Sonata“. The Storify link should also give you the other two brainstormers’ (Djibril al-Ayad and Valeria Vitale) stories, too.

Please think about getting involved, even if it’s only to spread the word about this online magazine.

Sunday 16th August, 2015

Today I put notional pen to paper for the first time in eleven days. Yes, it had been eleven days since I lost wrote some fiction, what with preparing for Nine Worlds, attending Nine Worlds and then recovering from the virus(es?) I was doomed to catch having spent three days in a crowded hotel that uses air conditioning. And I didn’t exactly get very far today, either, as I only wrote about a hundred words on my Feathers WIP. Still, it’s a start.

(Round-up of Feathers: The working title is “A Fistful of Feathers”, which tells you a bit about the starting situation but not a lot, and I’m about two fifths of the way through of a projected 100,000 words. The intended ending is still on course.)

I’m also now into my third month of Otherworld Gazetteer [External Link]. As a quick recap of what’s going on, the Gazetteer is a combination of notes for a short story I did and then further expansion as I map out the world further (no actual maps are involved). The original story was “Hunting Unicorns”, which was published by The Future Fire [External Link] (and you can find the actual story here: [External Link]). The reason I started the Gazetteer is because TFF editor, Djibril al-Ayad, approached me along with other TFF authors to write flash fiction set ten years after our TFF stories as part of TFF’s tenth birthday celbrations, about which you can find more on the Indiegogo campaign here: [External Link]

While I couldn’t come up with anything from the Otherworld for him and went with another story for my flash piece, I realised I wouldn’t mind practising my world building skills. So far, I’ve had to do a couple of minor tweaks – only one of which, on Sir Theodore William Mortimer-Warren’s entry, has had to be made on the live web-site – to keep the world consistent but I’m actually trying to keep it as parallel to our own history as possible. Well, with a few points of exception in order to force the fantasy into it! So, how’s it shaping up for you? Daft project of no interest to anyone but myself or entertaining?

Obligatory Book Plug
I have a couple of books out: 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf and A Pack of Lies. If you’ve read them, feedback and/or reviews would be gratefully received, thank you. If you haven’t read them and want to know if they’re for you, you can find some background information to the world on this site (titles, genre, location, characters), along with the opening prologue and first chapter of 25 Ways.

Sunday 14th June, 2015

Back at the beginning of May, I included all my social media links in a site diary. However, since then I’ve made a slight change to the way I use BookLikes [External Link] in that I only post quotes (when I remember to note some down) from things I’ve been reading. I decided to stop quoting my works in progress, and deleted the ones I’d already made, when I realised it was probably tantamount to spamming with stuff that no-one wanted to see on a site about published books.

I’ve also updated my languages page to include the fact that I’ve started learning Norwegian – and am now getting to a stage where I’m prepared to exercise it on occasion. I’ve also tweaked the details for my Welsh learning as I don’t put as much effort into that as I should, at the moment.

The change you’re more likely to notice about the place, however, is the announcement of another acceptance. Technically, Let’s Stay Together has been accepted for some time but the editor, Michael S Collins [External Link], has onyl recently been in a position to announce the anthology. So, here’s to The Christmas Book of Ghosts [External Link], to be published in aid of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland [External Link]. They’re looking for submissions, so please take a look!

And news on my wordpress space! The Otherworld Gazetteer – based on (some more) behind the scenes notes for Hunting Unicorns – has come into being. So far, I have the about page [External Link] and the first entry [External Link]. The idea is to get a bit of a link-soup wiki-type thing going on, so fingers crossed that you all enjoy it. Of course, it goes without saying that I wouldn’t have decided to go with this particular project without having been talking to Djibril al-Ayad about The Future Fire [External Link], who picked up the original story in the first place. So, thank you, Djibril, for making me revisit notes and start making sense of them!

Sunday 24th May, 2015

Sorry, everyone. I basically didn’t have anything to say last week, so I didn’t say anything at all. Not that I’m doing much better this week! That said, things are going on behind the scenes. The things I [think I] can mention are:

  • I’m now six chapters in to my latest long work in progress, A Fistful of Feathers. As the working title suggests, this involves some rivalries like Yojimbo / A Fistful of Dollars / name a remake. However, it’s not actually all that similar. For a start, it involves griffins – and a crazy griffin lady. It’s more that the name sounded good than I decided to run off with the plot.
  • I’m also playing around with a piece of flash fiction intended for The Future Fire [External Link] as part of their tenth birthday. The Future Fire have been kind enough to rehome three of my stories in the past and, if you’re interested, you can find them here (along with lots of other free fiction): [External Link]
  • I’ve drafted my next blog post for The Finishing School [External Link] and need to polish things up to get it sorted for publishing. I’m aiming for the first week in June.
  • This is the moment where I confess that I also produce some copy for the UK Magnetics Society’s MagNews [External Link], specifically a few stories under “Industry News”. I only started in March and it’s a quarterly publication with the next round due in June. Which means I shall be spending my Bank Holiday tomorrow checking out some magnet related news and producing some copy. Along with dog walking of course. I’m not allowed to forget the dog walking.

Sunday 26th April, 2015

This one’s a week of heads ups, again. Let’s start with the one I mentioned last week:

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2015


You may remember Blogging Against Disablism Day from previous years (#BADD2013, #BADD2014). It’ll be rolling around again (#BADD2015 [External Link]) on May 1st – which is never an auspicious day according to folklore and legend, but so far it hasn’t mattered! My post will go live shortly after midnight (and this is the link in advance). It’s automated because I can’t guarantee that I’ll have time to organise stuff before toddling off to work in the morning. Expect the tweets, Facebook & Google plus plugs to turn up after work (5pm BST).

If you follow the BADD link, you should also be able to find posts by a bunch of other people about disablism and disability. I will also be mentioning it again next weekend – after the fact – in order to make sure everyone gets a full round of attention. You can find my previous posts for #BADD2013 and #BADD2014 under my “Living Life” section along with (at the moment) a couple of other posts.

Next thing up is two lots of Fur-Skins related news, specifically, Elkie-based.

Firstly, 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf is the sponsor of Werewolf News, as of Monday 20th April. You can find Werewolf New’s post about it here: [External Link] They’re very pro werewolf but have kindly agreed to overlook that there’s a lycanthropic body count in my book!

Second piece of news is that the second Elkie book, A Pack Of Lies, is on course to be released at Edge Lit in July. My publisher, Fox Spirit Books [External Link], has a joint session with Boo Books [External Link] for launches and readings – so guess who will (probably) be reading at Edge Lit.

The next heads up is regarding another pet project of Adele Wearing, or Auntie Fox of Fox Spirit Books. She’s launched a great new blog / resource called The Finishing School [External Link] that is all about Martial Arts, written by various women in martial arts. I’ve been invited to write some blog posts on HEMA and, once I’ve actually sat down and written them, they should be appearing in the near future.

Finally, you may remember me announcing my short story An Invisible Tide being published in The Future Fire [External Link]. Well, TFF did a run of mini-interviews with contributors and you can find mine on Facebook, here: [External Link]. There’s also one with the illustrator here (also on Facebook): [External Link]. And don’t forget I have some more background posted here.

Sunday 29th March, 2015

As promised, I got around to writing up some background for An Invisible Tide (which is still up in the tenth anniversary issue of The Future Fire [External Link]; what do you mean you haven’t read it yet?)

Next week, I’ll be at Dysprosium / EasterCon with Fran Terminiello [External Link]. You can find the Dysprosium details here [External Link]. I won’t be there for the whole thing but I’ll be kicking around on the Saturday and actually presenting some stuff on HEMA for writers (with Fran) on Monday. See you there!

An Invisible Tide: Story Background

An Invisible Tide came out last week and I was a little delayed in getting around to writing up the some background from my preliminary notes. However, without further ado, here we go:

Publishing Details

An Invisible Tide is a short story hosted by The Future Fire [External Link] as part of issue 32 (direct link here: [External Link]). It came out in March 2015.


There are three strands of … Continue reading