London Smallsword Workshop, January 2015 (done)

“The Black Boar Swordsmanship School [External Link] with the support of London Sword And Dagger Club [External Link] are delighted to announce a one day workshop on Smallsword”;
17th January, 2015;
London, England

There’s a Facebook event page with full details here: [External Link]

Sunday 1st June, 2014

REMINDER: Ole and I are running giveaways for a copy of Amok: An Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction Anthology (again, on the bookshelf to the right). Mine can be found here, while Ole’s is here: [External Link] These are only open to people with postal addresses in Europe (UK / EU / EEA / Switzerland) due to household cashflow restrictions and the winners will be announced on June 15th.

And back to the latest updates and news for the website:

SWASH 2014 was this weekend (some people are still playing…) and so was the Copenhagen Open. These event posts are now marked “done” and no longer sticky / visible on the front page.

This week I published a story background post for The Girl From Yesterday. This is the last of the stories still available that has been published elsewhere. The remaining stories that will come up in background posts have gone out of print (or the website has closed down in some cases). I will also only be doing background for five more of the nine stories – the New Dryas and stand-alones – as the remainder have background available on site by following the Fur-Skins and Jehanist world have quite a bit of background already.

That said, when I’ve run through those stories, I shall be posting some background about the soon-to-arrive 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf (the cover reveal from mid-May is here). This should be available from Fox Spirit [External Link] in mid-July – in time for Edge Lit 3 [External Link]. I have three posts prepared explaining a bit about Genre (Fantasy), Location (North Wales) and Character (Elkie Bernstein).

In related news, I’ve started writing the first draft of the third Elkie story. Sorry, she wanted to come out to play again – and I haven’t even got Book 2 sorted, yet! Working title is currently “Under The Skin” and, as of this week, it now has a tag. I’ll leave it a few weeks before I start updating the Fur-Skins page with it, though.

Having got a Mousie Postcard out last weekend, it looks like Mousie is going to have a bit of a jaunt. Actually, she’s having most of it today as a photo shoot to prepare but I digress. Along with Margrét Helgadóttir [External Link] and Chris Galvin [External Link], I’ll be doing an A-Z challenge with posts due every 1 to 3 days. So, Mousie will be releasing her “A-Z Postcard Guide to Thurnscoe” – where I live in South Yorkshire. Mini-blogs should be posted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so the first will be tomorrow.

And the final note: I’ve started reminding you all that the on-site fiction still exists as a “Sunday Story”. Last week I tweeted the existence of St James Infirmary Blues. This week, it will be Distractions.

Sunday 11th May, 2014

Let’s start with something I forgot to mention last week. Esfinges [External Link] – an online support community for women in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), of which I am a member, and for which I organise some Twitter Talks – is one of the sponsors of this year’s Iron Gate Exhibition. Following the link will take you to some details but for the basics:

Iron Gate Exhibition (IGX) 2014;
26th – 28th September, 2014;
Danvers Indoor Sports, Danvers, Massachusetts, USA

In a change of subject, I’ve added another story background post about Hunting Unicorns, which is still available on the Future Fire website [External Link]. This joins the current group of posts for Three Little Pigs and Gone Fishing (the latter of which is in Amok from Solarwyrm Press [External Link], see the Ink Plan bookshelf to the right), Two Hearts, Two Minds (no longer available online) and Good Form (also available on the Future Fure website and in their Outlaw Bodies anthology, also on the Ink Plan bookshelf). I have another background post due out this week.

Also this week, there’s going to be an announcement. Please keep an eye out for it!

Sunday 2nd February 2014

So, we’re into February already and I’m only about 1,000 words nearer to the end of that untitled R&D novella I mentioned last week. This sounds even less impressive when I admit that the finished first draft should be about 20,000 words – so I have 4,000 (ish) words to go – and I’ve been working on it since November. On the plus side, I have another idea on my project list that I think’ll fly. No news on that any time soon, though!

Actually, on the plus plus side, the Six Nations has started. (Wales beat Italy 23-15, France just beat England 26-24 and Ireland beat Scotland 28-6. End of Rugby transmission.)

On a fencing note, I am now the Twitter Pilot for Esfinges [External Link] – you may have noticed the announcements on both my and the Esfinges Twitter accounts [External Link] – and I’m up to mischief straight away. If you fancy chatting about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and / or women in Martial Arts in general, I’ll be running some twitter talks. I’ve posted an event link here and details can also be found on the Esfinges blog here: [External Link] You don’t have to be into these things already. If you’re interested and want to ask what things are like before trying it out, it’ll be a good place to come for some rough and ready information.

There are also some new events added. I’ve completed the Nordic Historical Fencing League [External Link] set of four (the first was Helsinki) with details for:

There’s also some fencing going on in Barcelona in June.